Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating the 28th

We spent the 28th in Santa Fe this year.  Always a treat to explore that city.  Shari offered to go there instead of Las Vegas (our original thought...however, we had spent a few trips to Las Vegas and so it felt like a substitute.  Don't get me wrong, I do love visiting Vegas.  Santa Fe felt more promising.)  We arrived at the hotel that I had arranged, parked the car, and waited to check in. I confirmed our dinner with Melody and started the adventure.

We had drinks with Melody at the Palace Bar.  My friend, David, joined us too and kept us entertained with his stories of travel, food, wine.  After the Palace, we went to Coyote and enjoyed delicious fare.  The meal was fantastic and the conversations made it preferable to the dinner I had set up on the 28th.  I'll touch base on that in a bit.
The first night was lovely due to the company.  Friday morning we woke up to a beautiful sky.  Found coffee, directions to Ojo Caliente and the mandatory breakfast burrito that was part of the trip, too.  Green chile, bacon and egg made for a lovely start to the day.  I needed it, too, after the previous night.  Wine never stopped flowing.
We soaked at Ojo and then had a massage, reflexology, hair treatment.  Super relaxing.  We were refreshed and grateful for our surroundings.  Brian would have loved Santa Fe, Ojo Caliente and especially the foie we ate at Friday's dinner.

Yes, it was, in fact, that delicious.  Along with truffled mac and cheese, frites, and a frisee salad that spoke to me.  We had no idea that it was restaurant week in Santa Fe.  We run into that problem in Denver, too.  It's a nice idea to check out restaurants and see some of their best creations for a more reasonable price.  However, I wanted to order off the menu and have an experience.  Not be rushed or overlooked due to the amount of people dining alongside us.
At any rate, dinner was delicious.  The food was exquisite.  They did not offer chocolate cake and we were unable to enjoy a glass of wine at another spot that we had on our must do list.
Saturday we met with Melody for an appetizer on Canyon Road.  Crab cakes and risotto spoiled us before she departed for a homecooked meal.  I knew it was still restaurant week and so we chose to check out a local spot that I felt would not be participating.  Thankfully, they were open, parking was plentiful (no valet needed) and we enjoyed chocolate cake (finally).
All, in all, the time in Santa Fe was fantastic.  I convinced Shari that we must do yoga and so we checked out two different studios in the city.  I realized, quickly, how fortunate I am to live in Phoenix and be part of its yoga community.  I am spoiled by the challenging instructors, music and welcoming studios.
It was still fun to try out.  I am thankful that Shari is adventurous.
We finished the trip with a meet and greet with one of my friends from high school.  Shari and Jennifer met while running the Las Vegas Half Marathon a few years ago.  We met Jennifer's fiancee and it was wonderful to meet him.  I had heard stories about him and see the photos on fb.  I am thankful that they were able to meet us before we departed for respective cities.
My flight left on time, Shari got stranded in ABQ and hopefully made it back to the airport this morning to board the 7 am flight to Minneapolis.  When my flight arrived in Phoenix, we were early.  40 minutes to be exact.  We sat on the tarmac for the next hour.  Let's just say I was pretty annoyed at that point.  I needed to pee and we were left, in limbo, not knowing how long we would be waiting to deboard the plane.
That was the only inconvenience of the last few days.  Truly, it was a lovely celebration and exactly what I needed to reset, reflect, remember.
Cheers to always making time to Taste Life~

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