Sunday, December 17, 2017

I digress.....

I've been working, a lot.  I think most people are actually.  So it isn't unique to me.  However, what is unique is that my schedule has changed where I now only have one day off at a time instead of two in a row.  I am thankful for work, I am.  I am finding it difficult to take care of me.  On my days off, I sleep, take a nap, manage laundry (hopefully) and sleep some more.
Did I mention wine?  Of course, that is involved to a certain degree.  I should limit my intake as my immune system is already weakened due to my sleep schedule.  I felt the full effect of it last week.  I was working and suddenly my left contact rolled back.  I knew it almost immediately and so I started trying to re-center it.  I knew I was dehydrated which I tried to counter by inhaling water.  At this point, it was ineffective.  My body was unwilling to balance.  For about an hour, I struggled to see and try to right the contact.  When it finally surfaced, I explained to my co-worker that I needed to attend to it and hopefully reapply it without damage.  I felt around for it and found it.  Well, half of it that is.  It tore in my eye.  Probably due to all of my rubbing, scratching, etc...attempting to find it.  I told Michael that I would have maybe 30 minutes before I wouldn't be able to see.  From experience I know that I get a ridiculous headache from only having one contact in.  Thankfully, he understood and let me leave awhile later.
The next day, the other half of my contact surfaced.  I have been sporting glasses since then trying to rehydrate and rest my eyes.  I do not need to further irritate them.  I know if I put in my last pair of contacts I risk losing them in the same manner.  Ironically, I had arranged an annual check up with my optometrist this month.  He is semi-retired and so that has been a challenge.  Originally, I had set up an appointment on a Wednesday.  Two weeks later, they contacted me to ask for an alternate day with an earlier appointment.  I agreed.  Then, they called again to say that it wouldn't work and could I come in at 2 on Wednesday?  I called them to express what I needed and request an even later appointment.  January 12th, I think.  I hope that my one remaining pair of contacts will sustain til then.  Honestly, I have never utilized all of my contacts.  Typically, I have a surplus since I over wear them, extending their use, I suppose.  However, as my vision continues to change, I have held off seeing the optometrist hoping that I won't get a prescription that will be obsolete once I need readers.  Yes they are coming.  In the words of my eye doctor, once you turn, blank, you will need readers. Like it is something to look forward to.  Or embrace.  Gross!
So, there is that.  All do to the fact that I overindulged in wine and didn't get enough sleep.  That is the root of the issue.  I canceled my session with Courtney this week after I broke my contact.  I thought I could rally but that was is.  I pay her to train me.  Why pay her when I have no energy?  That was what it came down to for me.  I could go to a restorative yoga class, too, and still benefit from the physical movement.  And, I taught a client yesterday and focused more on core work than I normally do.  I am power based and prefer a ton of pushups to create heat in the body.  I like a physical practice.  Still, sometimes, it is better to listen.  To not push or overextend.  I am thankful that I can recognize that and adapt to what is good for me.
Today, I am attempting a greeting to the winter solstice.  108 sun salutations in a two and half hour period.  Seems excessive.  I know it can be done in an hour and a half or even two hours.  I will see how it is to be led.  For the summer solstice, I jammed out to music and attempted them on my own.  An hour and a half with all jump forwards and jump backs.  I felt so bad ass!  We will see.
This next week is busy!  Dental appointment.  Seeing my aestitician.  Trip to Vegas.  Teaching yoga and working to round it out.  Should be epic and an adventure.  Til then, cheers!

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