Sunday, December 17, 2017

more of my trips to consider

I want to expand more on my trip to Santa Fe.  Multiple trips actually.  I always find my way there during the year.  I am already planning on venture down in January.  I think I can make it work.  Especially if the weather holds.
What isn't to like?  Food.  Silver coin margaritas.  Friends.  Oh, and Ojo Caliente--primarily the reason I go down there.  I love spending a few hours soaking there.  Afterwards, I am rejuvenated, refreshed and at peace.  Moreover they continue to improve Ojo with the addition of more soaking pools.  I love the lithium pool.  It is gorgeous, spacious and updated.  I love it!
My first trip was in March with my friend, Maghan.  I asked him to accompany me to get a few days our of Denver since I thought it would be beneficial for both of us. Time of year inspired it.  He had went with me the prior year to fetch my new Volvo and meet some of my friends.  I know that he enjoyed the food factor but we struggled staying ahead of the snow.  Multiple snow storms hit us on the way down and the return to Denver in 2016.  As such, we were unable to go to Ojo Caliente on that visit and so I offered to take him back down to Santa Fe so we could go to Ojo.  It was glorious for both of us.  We managed to walk around the historic plaza, check out some of the jewelers and find green chile at some local spots.  A successful trip.  I turned him onto my favorite breakfast burrito place in addition to spoiling him with all of the green chile.
I returned in June on a solo trip. I needed a trip to myself to reevaluate life and what I wanted from it.  I spent a few days with Melody, Lawrence and Libby.  Again, back to Ojo Caliente.  Lovely and refreshing.  I told myself that I wanted to visit to find new jewelry.  Especially after my malachite pendant broke from my bracelet.  I figured that alone inspired a trip to the city.  However, two days was insufficient time to find my guy and have the bracelet fixed, returned to me and head back to Denver.  I still wanted to visit and figured I would return at a later date to find my jeweler.  Another visit couldn't hurt, right?
I managed another trip mid August.  I was scheduled a few days off in a row and texted Melody to see if she would be able to meet up for a day to Ojo.  She would be able to.  I texted my other childhood friend, Jennifer, to see if she would be around.  She lives in ABQ and we try to meet up, annually.  I saw her in July in Kansas at a classmate's memorial.  She is like minded in travel and tasting life.  Of course, I would have loved to see her at Ojo.  It just didn't work out this year.  I made arrangements to attend a Barre class at Temple and Tribe and made lunch or dinner dates with Libby, Shana, Melody and Lawrence.  My dance card was full.
Each trip to the city brought about new dining experiences and some sort of exercise--barre, yoga or TRX driven class.  It enriched my personal practice which was in tandem with my sessions with Courtney.  Each time I ventured down there, I incorporated some sort of fitness activity to offset the eating and imbibing of silver coins.  Yes, there were many of those, too!
The airbnb's were an interesting mix of residences across the city.  Each was clean and the host was gracious.  One was on the south side which was like a whole different experience.  I told the girl I was dining at a spot and she had never heard of it.  I left, thinking, why do you live in Santa Fe?  Are you from here?  What does it elicit from you?  And, where do you dine on the south end?  I know of a few franchise places but nothing that stands out for me specifically.  Her home was clean and they told me I could eat eggs which was kind.  The majority of the spots were on the east side and one was near Canyon Road.  Probably my favorite as it was a zen getaway and I had limited access to the internet.  I would have to walk a half mile before I had service which was nice all things considered. I wish that spot had had more amenities--cutlery and such.  They did offer bath salts, candles and a very serene space.
There were two others that stood out.  One near Baca with ample parking and the other near a middle school off Zia.  Both had great parking and kind owners.  Cute additional touches that made the space very welcoming and comfortable.  I completely zoned out in the one near Baca.  I loved the book selection and dove into the books.
I had hoped to return one more time this year.  It didn't work out.  I redirected my attention to Las Vegas and a trip that I will be taking this upcoming week with another friend, Jenn.  I will reflect more on 2017.  The majority of it was positive and illustrated to me that I am wanting to teach more yoga.  I am very  much enjoying it!

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