Sunday, December 10, 2017

more of yesterday

It was a stunning day yesterday.  Gorgeous weather.  It inspired me to walk to work wearing shorts in December.  When I was a bit younger, I would wear shorts year round.  I figured I worked indoors and would go from my heated car to a heated restaurant that tended to be hot.  I was fine running around the restaurant in shorts.
I updated my blog in the morning and headed to a yoga class.  I like seeing what is out there and so, sometimes, I go to other studios and experience a class.  There is a donation based studio that I have frequented in the past.  They have multiple locations around the metro area which is nice and I can walk to the Capital Hill location.  It said it was a level 2 class and so I was expecting a fast moving sequence with some inversions.  I arrived about thirteen minutes early and chose my spot.  At this point, there was still ample space around the room.  I was setting up my mat when this woman creeped along the wall towards me and my mat.  I actually thought she was going to step on my mat which is cringe worthy in my book.  I do not like when people step on my space or invade it in any way shape or form.  She managed to not walk on my mat but she weirded me out.  I should have moved my mat, elsewhere, since there was space and time to do just that.  Instead I remained in the space I had created.
The woman unrolled her mat and set up shop next to me.  The class continued to fill up and it was a full room.  The instructor began speaking and I knew that it would be a more intention setting class.  It would not be quick moving or intense.  And, I was right.  The music was terrible, too.  We started in child's pose and then erupted to cat/cow and an odd calf stretch.  I might borrow that actually.  It helped to apply pressure to my calves and relieve some of the tension of the plantar fasciitis I have been battling the last few months.  Continuing on we did a toe stretch.  This took about 18 minutes.  For me, I prefer to be building heat by doing sun A and sun B's and almost to sun C twenty minutes in to a class.  She was a mindful teacher but I could tell her practice was more book based than actually doing yoga, experiencing it for herself.  The class was mislabeled and I will not make that mistake again of attending her class. I was bored and uninspired.
Back to the lady next to me...while in one of the sequences, I looked over and saw her butt crack.  I was so grossed out that she wasn't wearing panties.  I was surprised to.  Clearly she had rolled out of bed and skulked into this class to clear her energy.  I wanted no part of it, lol.
I do love the weather.  It's amazing.  I am off to work and maybe a yoga class tonight.  I can go to the other donation based studio and attend a class that I know is higher intensity.  The instructor is a friend and someone that I attend classes from often at my home studio.  Or, I could take a day for me and rest.  I think I need that!
There is more reflection of travel and food.  I merely mentioned Chicago and Santa Fe but didn't expand on the experiences.  Or Los Angeles.  Also a lovely foodie inspired trip.  I am so thankful for this year.  Spreading light and positivity and kindness.....

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