Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Emery Dean

My nephew has arrived...Emery Dean. He is 7 lbs., 8 oz., 19 inches long. Healthy baby and mom...which is awesome for Jade. I will meet him next week when I am visiting them in Oregon for Thanksgiving.
It has been an exciting week for me thus far. My mom made a guest appearance in Denver and returned to Kansas with Jasmin. A day later, Monday, Jasmin returned to Denver for a week. She had take a week off to spend in Oregon and so she opted to return here and familiarize herself with Denver. Of course, I enjoy entertaining and returning to choice restaurants. We had calamari at Solera and then went to Elway's for supper. We shared a petite filet, au gratin potatoes, crab fried rice and creamed corn. Jimmy accompanied us to Elway's and we had wine at the Bull in the end. I figured that I owed Jasmin at least one night at the Bull and Bush.
The rest of the week, I am working, but my aunt Bryn will spend some time with her and she is quite capable of meeting people, I am learning. I think she is enjoying herself and for that, I am glad.
My life is good and prosperous. I dream of faraway lands, but am very present in this moment. I am thrilled to have a new nephew and look forward to meeting him and seeing Mackenzie and Easton, too. Next week will be fantastic!

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