Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yesterday was filled with airports, rental cars and driving. I made it safely to Oregon, battled the rain and got a little lost in Eugene. I have been here numerous times and so I recognized the Dutch Bros. downtown and figured that I would find my way to Jade's house.
Emery is adorable. He is so tiny, but boy can he cry. Jade handed him to me and he knew, immediately, that it wasn't the right one. He is beautiful.
I spent a little bit of time with Mackenzie and Easton, too. They are both sick and so quarantined off from the baby.
Today, I believe we are going to grill out with my dad, Michaela, Jade's family and Jeremy. He is letting me stay with him, keep my sanity and entertaining me with stories of school and the nonstop b.s. that he is encountering.
His dogs are still nuts. He left to go to a class and immediately Murphy--the spiteful one--peed on the floor as if on command. I remember his behavior at my house in Denver, too. That dog is demanding. Kaya is older and a lover, now. In her childhood days, she was a crazy one, too. They drive me crazy, but I do love the dogs.
I look forward to spending more time with my nieces and nephews. Last week, I learned a lot about Jasmin and I hope that she decides to relocate to Denver. It will definitely be a transition for both of us, but it will be positive.
I am excited to return to Denver to focus on me and my needs, too. I believe I am coming to terms with what I need to do. I have been too complacent since my return to the States and I was reminded of that last week from a friend that always motivates me to better myself and my life. I am hoping to take an art class which is conveniently located right behind my house. I cannot avoid it due to the location and it should be fun. I am ready to unleash my creativity!

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Shari said...

It is wonderful to hear that your family is well. It is probably a good idea that you write about the holiday early into the trip before all the craziness lets loose.

I am skipping the family holiday and Tom and I are spending it with friends. Then we are heading to Michigan to have a peaceful couple days.

I am exited for you to take an art class. With your passion and drive I think you will make wonderful art and it will occupy your time until you write your book.

I hope all is well with everyone while you celebrate this milestone in your dad's life. Please let everyone know that I am thinking about them and look forward to meeting the newest member of your family, Emery Dean.

I am sorry we didn't talk before you left for Oregon. I hope you had a good week.

Take Care and please know that I love you.