Friday, November 14, 2008


I had every intention of being on the wagon until my visit to Thanksgiving...then, I received some news today that changed my mind.
My mom and Jasmin are coming to Denver since my mom totalled her car en route to Oregon. She was in Wyoming and unfamiliar with the conditions of black ice. She will be arriving in a few hours and so I need to clean my house, change the sheets in Chichi's room and gear up for a visit.
Unfortunately, for them, I am scheduled to work all weekend. I need to work and wasn't planning on taking time off. Actually, I cannot.
So, this is interesting and plans do change. I hope that they arrive safely and enjoy their weekend.


Hailey said...

Oh Harm! I hope everyone is okay! Please send my best to your family! I will be with you in spirit...and under these conditions have a few'll be worth it.

harmony said...

thank you. They are well. They found my house, ordered chinese food and are tucked away in my roommate's room. Thank goodness she is still in Mexico.
I hope you are well. We have to catch up soon.