Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was wonderful. The feast was ample and we made it through the day without a family dynamic explosion.
Of course, we did watch a few inappropriate flicks with my dad and Dori. We started off with Walk Hard--the Dewey Cox Story. Let's just say...lots of frontal nudity, drugs and language. It was awkward, but we made it through the Jeremy pick.
Next, Michaela and I agreed to rewatch Juno. I like the movie--great dialogue, characters and it is entertaining. My parents, again, not too impressed. It was calmer than the first, but still I could see the judgment in their faces.
We retired to Michaela's apartment and she said--oh, this is a great movie. I started it the other day but had to leave. So, we begin the Heart Break Kid with Ben Stiller. By far, the worst acted and raunchiest. There were times, I couldn't even look at the tv because it was so inappropriate to be watching with my dad. There was a mention of a donkey show.
In hind sight, it was funny. I think that next time I will stick to the G Rates masterpieces so that we have something to talk about. Ironically, they never got up to leave. Instead, they suffered through it with us.
I return to Denver tonight. It will be a full day of traveling and no shopping.

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