Monday, February 21, 2011

typical meals...

Peasant sandwich. Post run and rewarding ourselves. Lindsay chose the sandwich. Me, Pepe's eggs. Amazing coffees and mimosas were welcome.
Best part--the coffee that Lindsay brought me.

Lovely wine with equally lovely company.

I think this was our attempt at Mexican Monday. Unfortunately, we had little control over restaurants that night. We wanted Mexican Monday, but settled for a pub like atmosphere since our desired place was unavailable that night.

They gifted us free entrees for our effort.

Lindsay and I knew that we would return. Who were we to ever turn down free mexican food?

Awwww...breakfast. I love it.

Watercourse Foods.


Pepe's eggs. Clean food with lovely coffee. Mimosas could have been more friendly. Less o.j. more champagne. Or, perhaps a larger glass as opposed to the champagne flute.

Lovely meals, conversation, weather. Yes, life is grand....

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