Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy birthday, Jennifer.....

Today is a special friend of mine's birthday. I wish I could see her, but due to geography, all I can do is call, e-mail or blog. If only, Kansas City wasn't a ten hour drive.
I will call her later. I know her and have her information. Writing on facebook is unnecessary since I have seen her in the last few years and have her updated information.
I wish I could post a photo of the last time we met. I saw her at the River Festival and later had beers at the old Holidome. If only, I had not changed my memory card.
I wish I could surprise her with a frosty beverage.
Jennifer and I met while attending middle school. We played volleyball and went on a class trip to New Mexico.
We attended the same university and remained in contact as best we could. We had different friends, paths, classes. Still, we would meet infrequently to catch up, share a drink, create a memory.
I remember visiting her so that I could use her word processor. Yes, it was that long ago. Anyways, when I backed out of her apartment building, I found that I had no brakes and hit a fence to break my roll back. Fun times, indeed.
When Jennifer turned 30, she came to Denver to celebrate. One of our other mutual friends was supposed to come with her but for whatever reason, she canceled at the last possible moment. I was glad to be the hostess and made her try my favorite calamari restaurant and concluded the night at my favorite tap room.
I wanted her to enjoy Denver from my perspective. I think she did.
I have watched her grow into a complete bad ass. She wrestled alligators, has a motorcycle which she takes care of (for the most part), and has tackled several home improvement issues. I admire her. She inspires me to pursue my passions and be my best possible self.
So, happy birthday, Jennifer. I hope it is all you want it to be. And, next time we meet, we will celebrate!


Joanne said...

Raising my coffee cup in a birthday toast to your friend ... Cheers :)

harmony said...

Thanks. I know how much you like coffee from reading your blog.