Friday, February 18, 2011


Family. What can I say? I see them too infrequently. I believe the last visit to Oregon was a week after Emery was born. Over two years ago for Thanksgiving.
Time flies. Of course, things happen, plans change and you find yourself two years later commenting that you had meant to visit before. I think it is difficult to coordinate between all of our schedules. Or, that is what I tell myself.
My niece and nephews are so cute. I stayed with Michaela since she has ample space. And, I didn't want to disrupt Jade's routines. She works nights. Thankfully, I was able to see her but I wish there had been more time. Isn't that how it always goes? More time is needed.
Michaela and I had a relaxing week. I loved it. I wanted to spend time with her, not focus on what we could be doing. Next time, I definitely want to tour Willamette Valley. In the past, I have spent time in the wine region. It is lovely.
The highlight of the trip was the pottery studio they suggested. Earlier in the year, I went to a canvas & cocktails class in Denver. I think I caught the creativity bug.
Michaela suggested the activity instead of day drinking. Since Mackenzie, my niece, joined us for the day, it made sense. We met at Chapala. Jade absolutely loves this restaurant. I think I ate a bean burrito--my tipico choice at mexican restaurants. It was fine, but the sauce that smothered my burrito was a little sweet for my liking.
Next, we walked to the pottery studio and chose what we would paint. I opted for my own design and made it for Michaela. She said that it turned out lovely.
We spent a few hours at the studio. Adding wine to the beverage options would have increased my interest in staying. However, there were many kids/families in the place. I think caffeine was the way to go.
We met for dinner at Jade's house later that night. Perfect way to spend time with the family. Restaurants are distracting for kids--I think. Plus, we needed a casual atmosphere to have a lively conversation. This always happens when I get together with my sisters.
The kids were comfortable in their environment. Easton, the older son, was attached to the computer the entire night. I blame it on his age. I would be bored, too, if I was forced to hang out with the grown-ups. Mackenzie was polite and sweet. Emery was pure enteretainment. Too freaking cute.
I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend time with my sisters. It has been way too long. I wish Jasmin had been able to be there as well. Next time....

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