Friday, February 18, 2011


I am running.
I must.
Tomorrow. Saturday a.m.
Yes, it is a done deal.
Solo run. Sure. I am wanting to go. If the Goddess wanted to join me, I would be in. Sometimes, the solo run is hard. Yea-I have days where I can, adequately, talk myself out of goijng on a solo run.
I write this (or blog) to assure (myself) that I actually do it.
Today, I had every intention of going. I woke up, at 7 am. Made coffee. Checked my e-mail and other internet connected things. I have been reading about journaling, first thing. Supposedly, you are more "free" when you wake. Some people have journals near their beds to seize the opportunity. I am not quite at that point. I will write post coffee. Coffee takes priority over everything else. Today was no different.
Woke up. Grinded beans. Made coffee. Yum.
Packed my car with laundry and headed west. My aunt has graciously allowed me to do laundry at her place. I adore her. Not only for this; but, in general. She is awesome. Well, anyone that can save me from going to a laundry mat, I will love.
Returned home to organize. Fun. Cannot say how much fun it is to organize my life. Ecstatic! Avoided the run which was the whole point of the post. I love running and want to pursue it. Today, I managed to avoid it without too much convincing.
This doesn't make me feel good or right. It just is....sometimes, I want a day off. No other reason, explanation or justification. There are days when I feel lazy. Today was the day.
Tomorrow is a new day. Running (definitely) in the am, followed by coffee, drinks, will be fantastic. I might go to the post office, too. Who knows? I have many tasks to complete...

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