Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I should do, but never, want to make time for.....

New Year inspires tackling things that I have managed to avoid for some time.
Jury Duty. Never again, I hope. Really, that was an unpleasant and colossal waste of time. Being forced to sit in a room for up to four hours before being released is not my idea of a good time. Or, having your number called and then hoping (praying) that you will not get chosen to serve on said jury. I mentioned this to a friend of mine. His experience was different than mine. He answered no questions and they chose him to serve. I definitely would have felt robbed of the opportunity to explain why I was not an ideal juror. Overall, my experience was not that awful. Just inconvenient.
Dentist. Typically, I prefer the obgyn to this service. I am current on that by the way. It is important to get the annual inspite of how uncomfortable that is. Regardless, the dentist is the last thing that I tend to take care of on an annual basis. I convince myself that it can wait. This year, I went and will return for the follow-up. I found one that I like and hope to arrange a cleaning, at least, once a year.
Optometrist. Mine is hysterical and I knew this from previous experience. Diligently, I visited him to update my contacts and renew my glasses. I realized that I was close to running out of contacts and so I tried to fanagle a prescription without the exam.
No dice. Apparently, I have not had an office visit since 2007. There was no way around that. I made the necessary appointment and saw him earlier today. He asked me how often I change out my monthly contacts.
I said, infrequently.
He goes--like, what? Every three months?
Every four months?
Sure. Whatever makes you feel better about how infrequently I change out the contacts.
The eye exam went well. My contacts are great inspite of my never changing them out. He did suggest ordering more contacts, this year, instead of the constant wear. He is a character--full of jokes, stories and random details. I like him. I enjoy his eccentricities and he always inspires me to consider doing something more with my life and travel.
Eventually, I will make an appointment for my car. I want it completely checked out. Although, I do feel that I take great care of Veronica, every now and then, she could use a little more care.
These are just a few examples of things that I really do not enjoy making time for. This year, they do not seem as cumbersome or overwhelming. Maybe it is all attitude......

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