Saturday, February 12, 2011

Productive day

Running with the Goddess--lovely.

Our schedules have been out of sync since she started her new job. I am happy for her, but bummed that I see her once every few weeks instead of our usual once a week run. We b.s. life, relationships, friends, upcoming trips/travel (in general)/food. Always entertaining and something that I look forward to.

I am so thankful that I met Lindsay at the TNT first group run. I met her since I recognized her from yoga and asked her if she attended yoga regularly. I am super grateful that I recognized her. She got me through my first half and encouraged me to upgrade from a 1/2 to the full. Yes, Lindsay is a gem.

Funny how you never know who you might recognize later from random encounters. I think of all of the overlap interests. Today, I dined, post-breakfast with Lindsay, at a local awesome breakfast spot. I ran into an old co-worker that now works at that establishment. I think we worked together five years ago. She left to pursue an interesting side career. Think Coyote Uglyish type of employment.

The meal was superb. Lindsay tried a breakfast sandwich and I opted for this delightful ensemble. The guacamole was a nice addition. Coffee strong and replenished, frequently. The mimosa was heavy on the orange juice. I suppose that happens when there is a special on mimosas.

Anyways, today was an awesome day to go. Perfect weather and it inspired me to consider going for a solo run tomorrow and Monday or just tomorrow. I must take advantage of the sun. The last week of ridiculous cold and snow severely limited my ability to enjoy the outdoors. I have yak trax but when it is snowing, I have little desire to venture outside.

Post run, breakfast, I went grocery shopping and to the bank. Yes, being outside was wonderful, today, and the weather is supposed to remain til Wednesday. Happy!!!! Hoping to complete a few runs to celebrate the sun.


Joanne said...

It's interesting how our paths criss-cross with others throughout life. I have some old acquaintances who I repeatedly bump into in the grocery store, post-office, through the years. It's so random, but fun too.

harmony said...

I agree. I think yesterday it made me reflective of the last few years--where I have been, how I got here and where I am going. Yes, random and fun, for sure.
I forgot to mention that I ran into one of the other potential jurors as well. I stopped to ask him if he had been chosen. I felt that he would be. He was a philosophy major and both the prosecution and defense wanted to question him. Lucky him.