Saturday, March 26, 2011

the final few restaurants in Belize--I promise....

I keep a running tally of to-do lists. Somehow, I keep multiple coinciding (sometimes) lists that I retain until I deem unnoteworthy. I looked over one of the many, today, and realized that there were a few other restaurants in Belize that I had not yet mentioned. Femi's. Happy Lobster. Sand box. Femi's is the best place to begin. I dined, there, once, by myself and once with Shari. My solo dining experience was colored by the fact that I was decently intoxicated at that point. I ordered take-out and enjoyed it. My first night Caye Caulker began with multiple rum and cokes with the Wisconsin folk. They ate when I initially ran into them. I held out until I was past my hunger mark. The grill guy was a gigantic guy. Of course he knew how to grill. Fish, veggies, rice. Yes, I was a happy chiquita.... Shari and I enjoyed chips/salsa and shared a fish burrito. We had wanted to dine at the Lazy Lizard. On a previous visit, the vibe seemed unsettling. Still, we thought we would give it another go. Sat down at the bar and considered the menu options. The chicken burrito was not available. Since the vibe/energy of the place remained questionable, we moseyed onward. Femi's was great. The salsa was fantastic. The fish burrito was interesting. Cucumbers, carrots, cabbage. Untradional, for sure. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the Happy Lobster. Shari tried flat jack's with her huevos rancheros. The coffee was strong and eggs, prepared, correctly. We watched one server, scurry around, attending to all of the guests. Up until then, it was the preferred breakfast. The Sand box is located next to the water taxi stand. We were walking around and opted to check out the crab cakes and chips one afternoon. Decent. Not exceptional, by any means, but fair. I cannot remember why we chose that place outside of that we had walked by it several times. I think I covered them all. Favorites for each. Breakfast--Glenda's. By far, the best breakfast we tried. Local fare, supported mostly by locals. Lunch--Pizza Caulker. The best $4 I spent. Slice and a beer for four dollars. Who wouldn't like this deal? Not to mention, it was GREAT. Dinner--hands down--Habanero's. Delightful. Only downside was no chocolate dessert. Regardless, absolutely had amazing meals both times. If you have the opportunity to go to Fly into Belize City and opt to puddle jump to Caye Caulker. Avoid the cheaper (seemingly) option of the water taxi. It is easy to forget that this includes time wasted waiting for the shuttle, the time, itself, it takes to get from Belize City to Caye Caulker. Yes, a flight to Caye Caulker is worth it. Check out the food options and enjoy!!!

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