Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Beautiful day. An improvement over the last few days in Denver. For sure, no pants necessary. This is my type of preferred weather. Yes, today is an excellent day.
I find myself inspired by reading other people's blogs. Especially, those, along the lines of like attracting like. Synchronicity. Attraction. Visualization.
Yes, I absolutely believe in the whole thoughts become things type of reality.
I look back over the last three years. I returned from Belize uncertain of my present or future. I dreamed of travel, but wasn't ready to pursue it. All I knew was that I was still enjoying life and I wanted to continue to do it in Denver.
In many ways, I wasn't ready to take the next step. I could only dream about it. A day when travel would become more present in my life.
Last week, I returned to Belize for my first stamp in the new passport. Irony? The last trip there was the ending of a five month around the world trip. I returned undecided about how to proceed.
Flash forward to now...still undecided about a plan, but feel reborn after my visit to Belize. Wasn't it fitting that we chose to celebrate the five year anniversary in Belize and not Costa Rica or Bonaire? Both of those places were options when we considered the five year celebration of Brian's death. I know that sounds harsh. It is. But, it is also very present in my life and will continue to be.
We celebrate his life, every year, on the anniversary of his death. Embarking on the five year mark, we wanted to do something special. Shari and Tom got certified to scuba and we agreed to meet in Belize.
Initially, I suggested going somewhere that I had not been. Why return to a country when I could use the new stamp?
We talked about it. Bonaire. Cayman Islands.
Eventually, I suggested Costa Rica since I enjoyed it, there, and knew that Brian's first experience of the ocean was in Montezuma, Costa Rica. We could make it work and scuba dive. For whatever reason, it never stuck. Belize kept surfacing in our discussions. People would tell Tom and Shari that that was THE place to go. I agreed to return and suggested we stay at Caye Caulker, not San Pedro. I wanted a more "chill" visit. I didn't need a golf cart to get me around the island.
Belize was amazing. I feel rejuvenated and full of ideas. Ironic, right? I ended my last trip there and stayed in my comfort zone. I returned to Belize, this year, and felt motivated to try something new and different.
Like definitely attracts Like. Enjoy your day. I am off to dinner with the Goddess....

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