Saturday, June 4, 2011

back finally.......

I took a few days off. For whatever reason, I was experiencing difficulty logging into this account. Due to that fact, I stopped trying until last night.
A few people were concerned about my lack of updating, too. In all honesty, I didn't have my lap top with me and my friend's computer access was limited. I could use their computer but only if it didn't conflict with their needs. As such, I checked my e-mail and avoided the blog.
Regardless, I am back and need to update. Where to start? The run factor, beach, productivity, food or absence of wine? Yes, I was in a place without accessible wine. Rum beckoned. Actually, I opted to not drink for the majority of my stay. My friends were busy and that left me ample time to reflect, contemplate life and enjoy the beach. Wine could be revisited when I returned to a place that had a selection.
The food factor. I discovered a new eatery that was notable. I think it was combo taco or something. I tried a yellow pepper and enjoyed it. I think it could have been temperature warmer, but the selection of salsas, limes and onions were excellent. And, the tacos were gigantic. My dining companion convinced me to take the additional tortilla for all of the stuff. It was huge.
I tried to go to Padilla, on my own, found it and discovered it was closed. Seriously, disappointed. Thankfully, I had one more day and suggested going there with my friend, Jonny. He complied and I got my burrito fix. Love that place.
I dined at their restaurant or became domestic. I cooked for myself, a few times, as well. Sometimes it is necessary.
The beach. Well, it is amazing and I wish that I had had more time to wander. Tranquil, beautiful, and the water was perfect. For once, the temperature was ideal. I managed to completely use a tube of sunblock. I needed it. My one friend said, "Just get one bad burn and you will be fine."
That isn't really my thing. I burn enough as is. I prefer to protect my skin. I did spend three hours reading, swimming and hoping to not burn under the overcast sky. Of course, that didn't go as planned. I missed some spots on my back. Excellent.
I did go running a few times. Must work on the solo run factor. Next time, I will make more of an effort to do it. Commit to the goal. There is a 1/2 marathon upcoming and so, yes, I need to begin running again. The Goddess e-mailed me and mentioned that she hadn't been running as frequently as we normally go. That is something, but I want to improve on my overall performance. I want to do it for myself. I will go begin a training cycle tomorrow.
Truly, I had a wonderful opportunity to run. No drinking, great sleep and I should have went. Should have, could have, but didn't. Lame.
I reflected on life and have more to contemplate. Later. Need to return to being productive....

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