Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Europe Vacay

Europe, how I have missed you.
While waiting in Charlotte, I considered my previous visits to Paris as a teenager.  In 2003, Brian and I chose to see if we were compatible by spending a week in Amsterdam and Frankfurt.  That could have been a colossal fail.  Thankfully, we managed to enjoy the trip and not kill one another while touring through a few countries.
Still, it's been 9 years since my last visit.  Ridiculous.  I arrived in Frankfurt, collected a passport stamp and waited to board my last connecting flight to Geneva.  My friend picked me up, promptly, outside of baggage claim.  I surprised her, actually.  She thought it would take me awhile to get through customs.  Little did she know how I travel.  I have a carry on bag and a larger purse for a day trip of sorts.  I enjoy being able to get in and out of customs with ease.
Not going to lie...I am tired.  However, if i sleep, I think i will have many issues later.  Must be able to sleep tonight and not experience insomnia.  My friend is going to work and I am going to enjoy the overcast day.  Ciao!

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