Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, the way I choose to spend it...

Day off.  Super productive.  Woke up, went to old place to vacuum, clean bathroom, kitchen and bed room before taking Vegas to the airport.  I knew that I needed to organize my new place, clean the old place, turn off the electricity, buy a yoga pass (30% off sale, today only) and maybe get a massage.  Ambitious, sure, but doable.  I needed to accomplish organization/cleaning today.
The yoga pass, well, that was cherry. I mean, yoga is not cheap.  I had purchased a package earlier this year and knew that my pass was about to expire.  I was hoping to make it til September on 9 classes. 
I took Jonny to the airport and headed towards a dollar tree.  I needed to get a mop to clean the old place.  I found laundry detergent, hand wash, bleach, a mop, light bulbs and a few other necessities (gatorade).  I packed a bag to head to yoga and after yoga clothes.  I love my yoga class but need a shower before doing anything else after the class.  Seriously.  I am unable to do anything til I shower.  I sweat entirely too much.  Shower must happen.
Yoga class was inspiring.   I missed it and due to the sale, I purchased another yogi towel.  Awesome.  Now, I don't have to wash my towel daily.  I can alternate it.
After yoga, I had a quick bite to eat and a glass of wine.  I wanted to check in with this local business and see what they wanted to do about the car that side swiped Veronica last Friday.  Yes, I was out to dinner with friends.  Instead of self parking I had the valet park it.  I had a few beer while eating pizza and with friends.  The guy drove my car up.  My friend asked me when I had eff'd up my car.  Shocked.  I got in the driver seat and considered my options.  I had no idea when my car had been hit.  I knew it did not look that way prior to me arriving at the restaurant. I drove around the block and returned to said restaurant.  I asked the valet what happened to my car. 
I know that this kid knew my car had been hit when he dropped it off.  That is what is suspect about the whole thing.  Kid barely looked at me when he handed me my vehicle.  Odd behavior, for sure.
Then, the manager of the valet said we are not liable and you should call the police.  Awesome suggestion.  Yes, super intelligent after I have drank a few beers with pizza.
So, I returned today to see if I could talk to a manager.  I understand the whole valet thing.  However, this parking lot has both self park and valet which leads to issues like mine.  Actually, i think whomever hit me also hit another car on this departure out of the parking lot.  Awesome.
No manager available.  Figures.  I noshed on some cheese, proscuitto and a glass of wine.  Paid the tab and headed to my prearranged massage. 
I liked this therapist.  I thought I did.  Today, I arrived ten minutes before the appointment.  I was excited. The first time I received a massage from this girl, it was stellar. 
Today, she asked me what I was looking for and I told her I was in the middle of a move and really wanted to relax.
She told me she had looked at my client file and knew that I didn't like trigger release therapy.  She continued with....last time you were here, I would have done it to you and so maybe you don't know what trigger release is.
WTF?  Great way to start a massage.  I was super annoyed.  I do know what trigger release is.  I know that I don't prefer it.  I loathe it actually.  I understand the importance of it, post massage, but during it, I do not enjoy it.  I could be dead and someone could be poking me with their fingers for ten minutes and that is what trigger release does for me.
The massage was awful.  I couldn't get the therapist's comment out of my head.  Then, I couldn't stop thinking about work.  55 minutes later (exactly), I tipped the girl and headed out.  The front desk girl asked me how it was.
I told her fine.   It was an okay massage.  Not good.  Definitely, not great.
The girl understood that I was hoping to stay more besides fine.  I told her what happened and she thanked me.  Apparently, this therapist has made inappropriate comments in the past. 
I went to my old house and cleaned under the stove and attempted to mop the place.  Cheap mop.  Didn't function outside of two floor strokes.  Tomorrow morning, I see myself purchasing a differnet mop.  I had a prearranged meeting with land lord for walk thru tomorrow.  Ready to hand over keys...
Yes, productive day.  Ready to continue onward in my life.   
I did manage to organize a little of the new rental too.  I can see the light. 

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