Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday activities in Italy

Monday morning, we woke up and went running.  Initially, the idea was to meet Francesca at 6:30 and go running at the beach.  Honestly, I was a little afraid.  6:30 would come early and I had not been running in weeks. 
Still, I wanted to go and was committed to doing it.  I woke up and heard no movement in the house.  I decided to continue to sleep and wait for Agnese to wake me up.  At 8 o'clock, I made my way downstairs and met up with Agnese.  The run date had been delayed.  Thankfully.  I drank some water and waited for Francesca to pick us up. 
The run was spectacular.  We ran at a park and it was a beautiful day.  I remembered why I enjoyed the activity and why I wanted it in my life.  I admitted how unhappy I was to run in Phoenix.  It is too hot and I despise it.  I have a hard time, mentally, running when it is 105+ degrees in the desert. 
We ran for 45 minutes and then returned to Agnese's house.  I needed to exchange money and she had something she needed to do by herself.  I had a map to the bank and was about to head out when her mom returned and explained that her son was going to pick me up and take me to the bank. 
We met Agnese for prosecco, followed by lunch with her parents and then headed out to find a soccer jersey.  Drove to a few towns to search for the spain jersey to no avail.  We looked at three stores before finally finding the shirt. 
Dinner was with her family that night.  We celebrated her aunt's birthday and again, the conversation flowed.  Her aunt spoke a little English and I met Agnese's boyfriend that evening too.  We ate bruschetta with tomatoes.  Following the bruschetta, we sampled a calamari salad with tomates, capers and potatoes.  The main course was fish.  I loved the calamari salad.  The fish had too many bones in it which was challenging to enjoy.  Still, it was delicious and we concluded the meal with cake. 
We retired to their family room to talk more.  Her grandmother was still in a talkative mood.  She was talking to her grandson while he attempted to watch tv.  It was hilarious.  I loved her grandma butshe likes to talk, a lot.  When she feels ignored, she threatens to leave or go to bed.  I enjoyed my time with her for sure.
That night, I realized that I had one final day in Italy and I was sad.  I regretted not extending my trip. I could have arranged to be gone for two weeks instead of 9 days.  That way, I could have visited Croatia, more of Italy or who knows where else?  Instead, I played it safe.  I didn't want my boss to get annoyed with how often I travel.  I try to be out of town once a month.
I know that I had grandiose plans of what I would do in Europe.  Visit Budapest, Rome or Milan.  My trip was delightful and not at all what I expected. It was better because I spent time with Agnese and her family.  That was an amazing experience.  Seeing/being part of their livelihood and culture.  I would not have been able to do it, in that way, had I insisted on going to Rome.  I did go to Paris, Geneva and spent a day in Venice.  Ridden with tourists for sure.  I will comment on day trip to Venice later.  Must organize my house now.

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