Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meal in Turin

Pizza.  I love it.  Even in a roadside store.  In Italy, it's delicious!  We stopped, briefly, to use the facilities and eat a slice of pizza.  We shared the slice as Turin would provide more opportunity for excellent italian fare.
Manuelle's girlfriend lives in Turin.  She's from his home town, shares his love of Italy but unfortunately, not of learning other languages.  Our meal was interesting to say the least.
We all agreed to sample the wine inspired meal.  We had no idea what that would entail.  Manuelle asked the server to suggest a dry white wine.  They brought it to the table and it was my least favorite wine.  Moscato.  Yuck.  Not dry.
Nevertheless, I dealt with it.  The first course was salmon carpaccio over pesto and topped with a potato cake.  Exquisite.  We all agreed that was the best course of the three. 
Next, we ate a dorado fish with mirepoix.  Decent but uninspired. 
The third course was the most interesting.  Scallops over an eggplant sauce with peaches and mozzarella.  I enjoyed it while it was a little too different for the others.  The scallops were fantastic!
No meal is complete without coffee, gelato and desert.  Thankfully, we walked around after the meal to settle some of the food.  Turin is a lovely town.  Many people were out that night enjoying gelato or just the ability to walk around and enjoy an evening.  For about an hour we perused the town and sights. 
Agnese and I bid adieu to Manuelle and his girlfriend.  Later, I realized that she never once gave me her name.  She didn't speak english and she had little interest in communicating with me since I did not speak italian.  Or, perhaps, she was excited to see her boyfriend and wanted us to hurry up and leave.  I don't know.  It's really insignificant at this point.
I did enjoy my time with Manuelle.  He was passionate about life, food and I loved listening to him and Agnese speak Italian.  Plus, he made me eat tiramisu which I loved in spite of the fact that I was super full on pizza.
Of course having more time to explore the city would have been welcome.  However, we were on a mission to make it to Codroipo by lunch time to dine with the family.  I think the drive from Turin to Codroipo was 5 hours if I remember correctly.  Onward and upward....

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