Friday, July 20, 2012


Last week, I flew to Geneva, Switzerland.  Talk about lovely city.  Super clean and beautiful. 
I left Phoenix at 5:30 a.m. and arrived in Charlotte around noon.  I love that airport.   Rocking chairs.  Need I say more?  I purchased a book and wandered around the airport.  I do not love the dining options in that airport.  I got over it by enjoying the rocking chairs and mints available in the restrooms.
I ate my final bit of mexican fare, quesadilla, and enjoyed a few pints of local beer before beginning my European venture.  Sounds lame, I know.  My need for mexican food that is.  From experience, I jknow it can be challenging to find mexican food outside of the country.  I remember being in New Zealand and frustrated that I couldn't find a decent burrito with salsa.
Anyways, I sat in the airport and reflected on life.  It had been too long since my last trip and I was excited.  Maybe not the best timing but I was doing it and excited to explore Europe.  The beer and quesadilla was delicious by the way.
My next stop was Frankfurt.  During that flight, I watched the Descendents and slept.  I had an entire row to myself and took advantage.  The only downside to this flight was the child that kept calling for his dad at random times the entire flight.  Annoying.  However, it was a kid and so I had some compassion for this child.
I arrived in Frankfurt and stopped for a coffee.  $6.  Insane.  Incredulous.  I was shocked at the price of the medium sized coffee.  Yet, it was delightful and I needed some caffeine to begin the next day.  I arrived in Geneva and opted to stay up instead of taking a nap.   I thought this was the way to handle the jet lag.  I was okay for probably three and a half hours. 
Then, I crashed.  I wanted to sleep but had hours to wait before my prearranged meet up spot with Agnese.  She had to work a bit on Tuesday and I was, solo, to explore Geneva until 6:30 pm.  I tried to read, walk around and drink coffee.  I enjoyed a few glasses of bordeaux in a few wine bars and jounaled even.  I was fighting the urge to sleep.  I sustained til our meet up, a glass of wine and a bus ride to meet Agnese's friend for dinner.  When we arrived at the Italian pizzeria, we were told it would be a half hour wait.  At this point, I didn't know if I could make it.  The food rejuvenated me.  We shared bruschetta and each ordered a pizza.  I thought we could share one, maybe two.  They were insistent that we order our own pizza and enjoy it.  I opted for a sausage and tomato, thin crust,  and incredible.  I ate til I couldn't eat anymore.
Or, so I thought.  Then, they ordered tiramisu.  I wanted to resist it.  But, I was on vacation and it was so tempting to just try one bite.  Wow, delish!  I did not regret eating the tiramisu either.
We dropped her friend off and I slept on the way to her house.  I think I met her roommates. I cannot remember.  I was in a zombie like state at that point.
The next morning, I woke up, briefly to ask what time it was.  9--I think.  Instead of getting up for coffee, I slept until 1ish.  Total sleep, 13 hours.  I needed it and felt awesome afterwards. 
First day of the trip was spent in and out of airports.  A few glasses of beer and two glasses of wine on the plane.  I would of drank more wine on the plane had it been free.  I was super bummed to find that the airline charges for adult beverages on international flights. 
$6 cup of coffee woke up to the reality of traveling.  I was shocked at the price but wanted to sate my need for coffee.  I did walk around Geneva and enjoy a few glasses of wine.  The best part of the wine service in Geneva was that they gave me food with the glass of wine.  Cheese, salami, vegetables and bread, depending on the place.  I loved it.
I had a lot of time to reflect on life.  I think that is what traveling does for me.  Gives me time to reprioritize and consider what is important to me.  From this trip, I learned that I want to learn another language and travel more (of course).  In order to achieve that, I must work. 
As such, it is time to get up and go to work.  Cheers and ciao~

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