Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meeting the family

Codroipo, Italy.  Lovely town.  We arrived and immediately I was welcomed into the family.  Her mom and Dad greeted me, graciously with a kiss on both cheeks.  Her 88 yr-old grandma was charming and extremely talkative.  Her brother arrived and one of her cousins with her baby.  This kis was one month old but looks 3 months old due to how long he is.  He was cute and they kept saying--all he does is eat.  Isn't that what most babies do? 
Anyways, we sat down to lunch and her dad poured me prosecco.  From this moment on, the prosecoo freely flowed.  The lunch began with bruschetta and tomatoes with basil and olive oil.  Next, there was mozzarella and burrata with more tomatoes.  Followed by proscuitto and melon.  All the while we talked in a mix of italian, spanish and english.  Her grandmother refused to speak english but she did know spanish.  In that way, we were able to communicate, somewhat, with each other.  She had eyes that always sparkled and a beautiful smile.  She loves to talk.
The lunch continued with homemade pasta with pesto.  After finishing the lunch, coffee was passed around with a digestivo and dessert.  Of course I couldn't refuse more dessert. 
Her family would not let me help with the clean up either.  That was odd and I felt terrible.  I was raised to be the first one up when you are a guest in someone's home. 
After lunch, I could have taken a nap and I probably needed it.  I am realizing, today, that I am still experiencing jet lag days after returning to the States.  I think I had it in Italy, too, just chose to ignore it so that I could enjoy more of their livelihood. 
We went shopping and enjoyed a glass of wine in a nearby town.  Her brother joined us and it was lovely.  Watching people enjoy life, wine or a spritzer (since it's hot and easier to drink than red wine) and listening to conversations.  I loved every minute of it. 
I did take a nap afterwards.  I needed it.  Our night in Turin was restless.  We needed to wake up early and my sleep was affected because of it.  I wanted to make sure that I had ample time to shower and that it wouldn't delay our departure.
That night, we had plans to meet up with Agnese's friend, Debora.  She speaks english, had traveled, and met Lindsay, too.  I figured why not?  We met at a restaurant that seemed hoigty toity.  I was dressed casually, like Agnese, and Debora looked smashing.  Ready for a wedding reception. 
The first restaurant had incredible wine, too.  I could have stayed there just for that aspect.  However, we had dinner reservations at another spot. 
We were seated outside.  After some discussion on what we would eat, I chose pasta and they chose steak and a pork chop.  I was handed a plate of proscuitto.  No joke.
We toasted with prosecco and moved on to a refosco.  Delightful.  The entire evening was fantastic.  Lots of conversation, food and wine.  I had my first monanegro (digestivo) and took in another experience in Italy.  When we went to pay, Debora had treated us already.  Insanity.  I was shocked and then insisted that we should meet again.  I was shocked by so much generosity.  It was nice, too.
I slept like a baby that night.  Looking back, I think it was related to jet lag.  Finally, at eleven thirty, her mom came up to tell me we would be heading out soon. 

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