Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moving onward

Woke up, frantic.  I could make my new place a dungeon for sure.  You know, the blinds could be adjusted to be suitable for sleeping all day.  That could be my next project.  Blackening my shades to make it more suitable for sleeping.
I went to work.  Easy shift.  Talked to a rep and arranged to have dinner after my walk thru with my former land lord.  I clocked out, left and headed to old place.  I wanted to re-mop the kitchen floor.  While I was "cleaning", my landlord called, hoping, to postpone our appointment.  I wanted no part of that.  I wanted to get it over as quickly as possible.  I mean, I had worked all day, cleaned the old rental and the last thing I wanted was to hang out in the heat and wait for her to show up.
My old land lord arrives and thanks me for cleaning place.  Granted, I did a decent job.  Definitely looked better than when I moved in.  I noted that I avoided the blinds since they were unstable as she noted when I moved in.  Verbatim--don't open them.  I tried to open them and they fell from an unstable base.
Regardless, we complete the walk thru and she thanks me, again, for cleaning the place.  She mentions that the new tenants would be moving in tomorrow.  In my mind, I am like--wtf?...you aren't steam cleaning the carpet?  Or, cleaning/changing the blinds?  I am surprised.
I call my dining companion and mention that I am finished with the domestic things.  I leave and head to my new home.  I try to call the local electric company to turn off my service.  I figure why am I paying for my landlord to have her guy do repairs?
I call and am placed on hold. I give up and head to supper.  We arrive at this local byob place.  Brightly lit, byob and foodie friendly.  We order pierogies with beet salad, beets and potato salad.  The wine rep orders a meat inspired dish with tomato basil salad, broccoli & green beans.    I ordered flounder with shrimp, tomato basil salad, peas, cole slaw and rosti (similar to hash browns).    My friend brought a white from burgundy.  Delightful.
Yes, I loved the meal.  Conversation was interesting.  My friend lives out loud and is passionate about wine.  I love that. 
Yes, tonight was lovely.  Food delicious, wine lovely and conversation genuine.  I returned home and finally got thru to APS.  45 minutes on hold...yay!
Now, I am relaxed, happy and enjoying wine.  Life is grand!

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