Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Woke up and begged my friend, Vegas, to drive me east to Mesa.  I needed my car and I wanted him to drive me. 
I texted him about an hour after I woke up.  I didn't want to rush him into it.  He responded and mentioned that he would be available whenever I wanted to go.  I told him ten minutes.
I walked over and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Made some lame excuse to return home while he was getting prepared to leave.
About 8:4o, we left.  I considered texting the young guy to tell him to cycle into work.  I didn't think I could pick him up. 
Jonny drove me east and dropped me off.   I walked in and talked to the mechanic.  He claimed that my car was fine.  Started right up.  Frustrating. Yet, I walked away with Veronica.  I did ask the mechanic to be brutally honest with me.  I love Veronica and would do anything to keep her running.  Sound engine, sound transmission...sure, that is sound.  However, the rest of the intricacies are making me crazy.   I asked the mechanic if he could recommend a replacement car (can you believe it?...I think it had something to do with today).
Anyways, I head to work.  Smooth sailing. Wine taste (a little) and then wait for my ride to pick me up.  He arrives with his friend.  No worries and we go to the stadium.  Our seats are a row behind the dugout.  I think of Brian and our first date.  Our drinks at the Keg, followed by Rox/Giants and then after dinner drinks at my fave beer bar. 
Tonight was sweet and simple.  The only factor missing was food.  My friend dropped me off and I drove to the farmer's market for veg and pasta.  Perfection.  I bought champagne.  Toasted Brian, considered the last six years of family and friends and enjoyed life.  Yes, life is grand.  I think of the people I have seen in the last few days.  My sisters, dad, mom, Jarred, Jonny...people that represent a powerful time in my life.  People that understand what today means to me.  Ten years of bliss.
Chocolate concluded my day.  Beautiful blessings to 8/28, to Brian, to life....

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