Thursday, August 2, 2012

Work and lack of sleep....

I closed last night.  Closing manager, closed.  Plus there was the release of growlers that just went into effect in AZ.  We began filling them at 12:01 and so we were busy.  Not crazy busy but busy due to time constraints.  I think I filled 36 growlers and not in the most easy or efficient way. In the past, I have filled growlers from the tap.  Here, they want us to use a hose attached to the tap and fill the growler.  Wouldn't be a huge issue if 30+ plus people were not waiting around, patiently, for their growler.  Or, if the hose would fit on the tap easily.  Fun times, indeed.
Also, midway thru the growler fill, one of the servers informs me that there was a crackhead in the women's bathroom picking at their eyes.  My thought is this--what the eff do you expect me to do about it?  Can't you see that I am BUSY/UNAVAILABLE.  It's laughable.
I finish the growlers and eventually make my way to the women's bathroom.  It wasn't that much vomit.  Still, I couldn't get past the smell or the desire to gag myself.  I have an issue with throw up.  I loathe cleaning up my own (on rare occasions) and especially despise picking up other people's.  It's infectious, too.  I see it and I have the urge to throw up myself.  Yuck!
I clean it up as the other manager had stayed around to help me close.  It wasn't truly his managing shift and I was unprepared to do it in a quick fashion.  It was my responsibility to deal with the afternmath of the crackhead.
I clean the bar, print up the reports and walk thru the restaurant.  I head towards the office and begin the nightly paperwork.  The other manager walks in and helps me out.  We leave and it was 3 o'clock.  I drive home and realize that I forgot to move the grates behind the taps or place cookie sheets under the taps to control the spillage.  I obsess about what else I might have missed.  I was so focused on the vomit factor and doing the paperwork that I rushed through my normal bar stuff.  Plus, I was tired and dehydrated.  Contacts firmly attached to eyes.  Ouch!
I shower, pour a small glass of wine that I think I want and get ready for bed.  The wine was not soothing or what I wanted at 3:30 a.m.  I finally go to sleep at 4.  I wake up at 7:30.  No bueno.  I consider attending the noon yoga class and recognize that my lack of sleep will ensure vertigo while trying to perform a hot vinyasa flow.  No yoga for me.  I feel like this is a waste of a day because my sleep is off and I have no energy to get outside of bed.  I close tonight and so I will be getting up, shortly, to prepare myself for another night of absolute fun.  Actually, lately, work has been great.  I am doing more of what I would like to improve on and drinking more wine.  Who wouldn't like that aspect of it?
Happy Thursday!  There is always tomorrow for hot vinyasa flow.  I purchased a 50 class package at a great rate on Monday.  So worth it.  I always feel amazing after attending a yoga class~

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