Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dim sum and then some....

Sunday Funday!  Not the way, at all, that I thought it was going to be.  I envisioned bloody mary's on Mill, jumping on the light rail and heading into Phoenix.
Rarely, do I have a Sunday off.  Unless I smack my face on the ground due to dehydration or I am out of town.  This week, however, I worked five shifts and did not need to do my Sunday night.  I talked to a friend about my thoughts of brunch.  Figured, I would talk to him today and go from there.
I texted him and asked if he was still interested in brunch.  He called me to suggest going to dim sum instead of drinking mimosas.  I wasn't sold on the idea and mentioned that I wanted to shower and find a place to dine.  He asked me to call him when I was ready and we could go from there.
I showered.  Looked at the internet and noticed that a car was parked outside of my house.  WTH?  He was here.  What happened to me calling him was what I was thinking?
Regardless, he drives me and his buddy to a dim sum place.  Delish!  We sample sticky rice, pork dumplings, steamed dumplings, bok choy, chow mein and a few other dishes.  These women kept circling by with their carts of goods.  You want calamari?  Duck?  noodles?  pastries?  Lovely.  I could have eaten more.
Afterwards, I was planning my exit strategy.  Thought about meeting up with other friends when the wine rep surprised me with--where is a good bloody mary?
I suggested Z'Tejas as they have a wonderful bloody mary bar for $4.  Grey Goose vodka is their vodka of choice and I say--hell, yea!  Awesome!
We got to Z and order a round of bloody mary's.  I mix mine with horseradish, hot sauce (several), olives, jerky, asparagus & a pickle.  I am a sucker for a pickle.  We sit there, b.s. and consider the rest of our afternoon.  A homeless guy walks in and sits by Brian.  The guy legitimately was homeless.  He smelled.  Brian starts talking to him.  He offers to buy him some chips/salsa.  Suggests he moves over and he'll send over some food. 
I order a mimosa and continue to b.s.  Suddenly, Brian is like--have you seen the latest Batman or is it weird because of Colorado?  I hadn't seen it and I wanted too.  Of course, it was weird.  I was devastated by the news of the shooting in Aurora.  I thought of my friends, of the theatre and of the chaos.  I remembered those thoughts as I sat in the theatre, today. 
Fear, dark movie and violence. 
Plus, it is a super long movie.  It concluded and we walked out.  Didn't really know how to reflect on it or what to say.  It wasn't that inspiring of a movie.  It was okay but it didn't motivate me to have at length discussion about it.
Brian drove me home and I finished my laundry.  I rode my bike to the local farmer's market and picked up some necessities.  Decided that I would ride my bike to accomplish all local needs.  Meaning, ride to the bank, out to bars and grocery stores.  It makes sense.  Why waste gas and potential parking fees to park my car? 
K.  So, not what I expected for Sunday Funday.  Yet, it worked out wonderfully.  Dim sum, bloody mary, movie and then home cooked meal.   Tuna salad wrap with tomatoes and jalapeno hummos.  Delicious! 
I would like to try more fare at the dim sum place.  Some of the additional items looked amazing.  I was full, though, and so it requires a return visit.  Til then...Happy Eating!

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