Tuesday, August 28, 2012

visiting my favorite winemaker/friend....

I spent a few days in Oregon, celebrating a birthday, a wedding and then a tranquil visit with a dear, dear friend of mine, Jarred.  This is us in front of the winery that he is working for in Oregon.
Quick post as I am heading to pick up Veronica (long story) and then work.  Must return to the working world.  I do love traveling and hope to do it more often.
Anyways, I had called Jarred to arrange a visit and it worked out beautifully.  He lives a few hours south of Michaela and Jade.  I drove down and hoped he was in town.  We had played phone tag the last few weeks but I had not confirmed the visit.  Blindly, I drove to Jacksonville hoping he would be available to hang out.
About an hour and half from his house, he called me.  He was in town.  It would work out.  Relief washed over me.  I loved the drive down but did not relish the three hour return if he was out of town. 
I arrived and met a friend of his.  I was up for anything.  Mostly, I wanted to sample his wine from Napa.  That will be another visit in the near future.  I found that Oregon suited Jarred wonderfully.  His home reflected his livelihood--super earthy, free of tv/internet, and welcoming. 
It was a pleasant visit and I am so thankful to have made time for it.  I will reflect more on my trip but must conclude to begin my day. 
Oregon was lovely and I have many memories from the birthday/wedding weekend. 

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