Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Beautiful.  My last day in Italy spent in a gorgeous city.  We took the train from Codroipo instead of trying to find a parking space.  That would have been a nightmare.  I did not fully understand til we arrived.  There is no parking in Venice, really.  Limited availability for sure.  Plus, entering the city from the train is spectacular.  You arrive and walk out to find water everywhere.  Yes, it is gorgeous!
We headed out.  Passed numerous tourist driven restaurants and bars.  I had no interest in sitting in one of these establishments.  I heard the most English spoken in Venice, too.  My friend referred to Venice as Disneyworld.  Yes, I would concur.  Lots of tourists, people watching and souvenirs to snatch up of Venice. 
I found a few souvenirs that spoke to me for certain people.  I won't say who since I still haven't sent them out.  Soon, however.
I purchased postcards when we arrived at the train station and postage.  I wanted to make sure that I got that task out of the way.  We sat at a bar with locals and I wrote my cards.  I enjoyed a spritzer and people watched.  We dropped the postcards off and walked around the city.  We stopped to eat local fare--fish with onions and a ham & artichoke sandwich on white bread.  I loved the sammie but the fish with onions was just okay.  Glad that I tried it.  Don't know that I would make a habit of it, however. 
We walked towards San Marcos Square and walked across numerous bridges.  I wanted to release some of Brian's ashes in Venice and so I told Agnese that would be an intention of mine.  I had not released any in Geneva or Paris.  Paris was gloomy and Geneva was rushed.  Venice seemed ideal.  All of the water/bridges inspired me to find the perfect spot.
Mid day, I did.  The bridge was unoccupied and there were a few cafes along the road.  It was ideal.
That night, we had dinner with her family to look forward to after a train ride back to Codroipo.  We arrived at the station minutes before a train would leave.  An hour and a half later we arrived.  We met up with Debora and her brother for a few glasses of wine.  I wanted to find a way to thank her parents for their hospitality.  Thankfully, there was a wine shop open that I could do just that.  I realize that I should have done more.  Her family invited me into their home, treated me like family and spoiled me with their culture.  I had a lovely, lovely time in Italy.  Two bottles of wine was not enough.  I will find a way to say thank you to them in a more heart felt manner.
We had the final dinner--fish, bruschetta, dessert.  Lots of conversation in italian/spanish and then we said our goodbyes.  My flight to Munich left Venice early and it would take at least an hour to drive there.  I started to feel sad that I had to leave.  I wasn't ready.  I regretted not taking more time off to explore Europe.
Instead of going to bed, we met her brother at a local bar.  Monta negro for Debora and Agnese while I drank a few beers.  Then, it was time to go and I was sad.  I said goodbye to her brother and hoped that I would wake up on my own the following morning.
I did.  Showered, packed up the remainder of my things and headed out to Venice.  They walked me into the airport and shared a final coffee with me. 
The trip was successful.  Mostly, because of my company.  I need to thank the Goddess for introducing me to Agnese.  Otherwise, I realize, my trip to Europe would have been completely different.

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