Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Memory

Electric Station lunch with my sissy.  Fun times and I do love the hat.  Plus, I will see her later this week and I cannot wait!
Last year, I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks in Eugene.  February, April and July.  I wanted to check out the city to consider a relocation and also spend time with my sisters.  The weather was challenging.  I am a sun kid.  Thrive on it, need it and living in Eugene would be challenging.  Not enough sun for me. 
Still, I did enjoy seeing my sisters.  I met this guy at work last night that lives in Eugene.  It was cute, he made a list of fun bars to check out.  I have learned that my sisters do not venture out from their haunts often.  I think we find a new place to frequent when I visit since I love finding new places to eat and drink.  I kept the list and hope to check out at least one of them during this visit. 
And, this guy knew where Jacksonville was.  I am visiting a friend next weekend to sample wine.  His wine, that is.  I met Jarred my first trip to Napa with the three Sara's and Michaela.  Epic adventure.  Not only did I fall in love with Napa--wine, food, grapes, celebrate a milestone birthday--I made a lifelong friend who happens to be a winemaker.  Love that aspect, too.  Not going to lie.  Knowing someone that makes spectacular wine is fantastic.  I had purchased a few bottles to remember that birthday.  When I moved from Denver I drank the wine with two of the Sara's and Michaela and I opened a bottle when I visited Oregon.  I need to restock--I think.
Anyways, this is my memory for today.  I wish I was closer to my sisters.  Luckily, there is the phone and I have fb which enables correspondence, too.   Next weekend there will be ample opportunity to laugh, create memories and eat cake.  Drink wine, too.  I might be the only one drinking wine of my sisters, but, yes, absolutely, wine will be imbibed.
Happy Monday!  I am off to yoga, a dress alteration and eventually work.....

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