Friday, August 17, 2012

spontaneous trip to Denver

In my natural glass in hand, incredible food, and friends.  Impulsively, I purchased a flight to Denver to attend a baby shower.  The Goddess had notified me of her upcoming party and I truly wanted to attend.  My sister told me that she was getting married in August and so that sort of refocused my travel plans.  Of course, I would fly to Oregon to be a guest at her wedding.  There was no decision to make there.
However, the Denver shower still enticed.  One day I was creating the bar schedule and realized that I would have three days off.  Immediately, I think, I should go somewhere....San Diego, Rocky Point, no, wait, there is the baby shower that weekend.  I should go to Denver.
I check out flights and call Lindsay.  I would be able to attend.
I e-mailed a few other friends and considered how to occupy the rest of my time in Denver.  Of course, I would frequent my usual haunts, see Sara, Lindsay, Pocketsize & Steve, Jenn and hopefully, my aunt, too.  It was a done deal. 
I arrange the flights and work my normal shifts.  I dream of my time in Denver and cannot wait to go there.  It's funny, I call my sister and mention that I am heading to Denver and she seemed surprised that I would be taking a trip there so close to her wedding weekend.  I believe that life is short and why not?  I wanted to go and support my friend.  I made it happen.
Lindsay picked me up from the airport.  We had made plans to go to lunch but not the location.  I didn't know if she would be picky due to her pregnancy.  Thankfully, it agrees with her.  She glows and eats anything she wants.  I felt like breakfast so we went to a vegetarian place that we both enjoy.
I am so thankful that she met me for lunch.  The shower was lovely but there were so many other people that wanted to talk to her.  The shower, itself, was fantastic.  Beautiful backyard and ideal for the ladies luncheon.  Lindsay's family offered sangria, white wine and a few other non-alcoholic beverages.  I opted for water.  I needed to rehydrate.  I remember Colorado being dry but I was having a difficult time.  My contacts were itchy and I felt a bloody nose coming on, even.  Yes, Colorado is dry.  I inhaled water and hoped that I would even out. 
  After the shower, I walked up to my aunt's house.  Lindsay offered to drive me but I wanted to take advantage of the weather.  I do walk around Arizona but it isn't as inviting.  I wanted to enjoy the sunshine and charm of being in the city. 
Bryn and I had a few hours before part two of my denver adventure weekend.  There was a coed bachelorette party with my name on it.  Jenn said be there at 4 and so I wanted to arrive as close to four as I possibly could.  In hindsight, I would have preferred delaying my arrival.  I could have spent more time with Bryn and delayed my champagne imbibing.  Especially since we didn't actually leave their house til 6.
Booze cruise down the Fax.  We started at a lounge where they treated us to shots.  A jukebox entertained us.  As I only knew a few people, I was determined to keep myself in check.  No crazy drunk girl til the end of the night (at least, if it were to all).  I wanted to figure out how the twenty people knew Jenn and Rob.  I started out with people that I knew.  Caught up with what was going on in their lives.  Figured it would be easier to talk to people I knew and then branch out to others.
All, in all, successful night.  Somehow, I was the last one standing.  Surprised that that happened.  I did limit the wine and dinner at the Cowboy took longer than anticipated.  I only had one beer during the two hour stint.
It rained.  Glorious addition to a lovely trip.  I relished the weather.  I loved running in the rain.  Missed it, in fact.  Never, did I regret my trip to Denver.  Sure, timing wise, a little tight in terms of taking off work and my sister's wedding.  Yet, I wanted to go and I am grateful that I did.  It was such a lovely trip.  Saw friends and ate incredible food.  I think it also made me homesick.

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