Thursday, January 24, 2013

continuing the practice

Congested.  Snotty.  Miserable.  Three words to describe how I feel. I pray that my co-worker will work for me tonight so that I can get some rest.  I hate being sick and this morning, when I woke up, I was super annoyed with the current state of my well-being.  I have ingested two garlic cloves to help speed this along and there is still yoga at noon.  I am on this challenge and so yes, I am going.  I am going in spite of the current state.  I am not coughing.  I am congested.
Day #17, here I come.  I think some of my problem is lack of sleep.  I have been working, or at work, a lot, this past week.  Yoga has helped keep me centered, peaceful, calm.   I am super hydrated.  It's gotta be the sleep factor.  I want to take a day to myself and not worry about anything related to work.  I want to sleep.  Have a movie day of sorts.  I want to zone out.
I think that would be in my best interest.  A day of rest.
That thought was prior to my yoga class.  I went in, subdued.  I grabbed a box of kleenex and waited.  I silently prayed that I wouldn't start snotting all over the place.  I waited and forced myself to think positive thoughts and relax.  The class began and I had a little bit of a headache.  Still, I was committed to the class.  The instructor started a flow and I fell into sync.  I did not sneeze one time or need to use the kleenex.  I felt amazing.  I sweat out some of the crap that was stuck in my chest and left feeling energized.  Sure, I don't want to work tonight but I can.  I no longer feel miserable.  I will make it through the night and prosper.
After my class, I mentioned to the instructor that I enjoyed her sequence and she thanked me.  She continued to say that she would be teaching tomorrow.  Thankfully!  I am stoked.  The normal girl plays terrible music and runs the same routine.  I am over her sequence.
I do see several benefits of the yoga practice.  Namaste~

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