Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day #10

Today marks the tenth consecutive day of yoga.  Mostly flow classes and one more traditional bikram style.  Due to scheduling that was my best option.  And, I like the instructor of the bikram style class.  She has a great music selection and from the classes of hers I've taken, she always gives a story to accompany the class.  Fulfilling the spiritual side of the practice that I enjoy.
Over the last ten days, I have noticed how much water I am drinking.  Nonstop water or gatorade.  It is necessary, though, as I have felt dehydrated/dizzy on a few occasions.  Last Thursday, at work, I experienced a little unease while trying to bartend.  My counterpart took a break before I clocked out and I forced myself to drink club soda with salt.  I could tell that my electrolytes were depleted.  I didn't want to do a repeat performance of the face plant....especially, at work.
Yesterday, I had a definite headache during the class which extended into my evening.  It's odd. I cannot consume enough to sustain the constant yoga cleansing factor.  Maybe I am deficient in potassium or magnesium?  It has been suggested to me in the past.
I can see the benefits of the 30 day challenge.  I wake up, alert, and excited to go practice yoga.  My skin is nourished.  I almost did the handstand yesterday and the dolphin pose is improving, too.  As I start to fall, I land in a way that is natural and not a thud.  I guess, I realize that I don't collapse/crash when attempting inversion poses.  I am building confidence in the practice and it feels fantastic.  My only concern, now, is what do I do when the challenge is over?  Should I purchase a 6 month unlimited package?  Check out a new studio and see what they have to offer?  Consider teacher training?  What is it that I truly wish to gain from yoga?
I am discovering styles that I like.  Transitions during classes that make sense and I envision myself incorporating into a class that I would like to teach.  If I do want to eventually become a yoga instructor.
I cannot wait to complete day #10.  Enjoy your Wednesday and however you benefit from today~

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