Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday thoughts

Yoga continues.  As previously noted, I wake up refreshed and looking forward to the next class.  Thankfully, the next few classes are being taught by my favorite instructors.  There are a few instructors that play shitty music or use the same routine every class they teach.  I want to be challenged and improve my overall practice.  Music is a huge part of the flow for me.  Country music does not inspire or motivate me to do yoga.  Instead, I mentally check out of the class, obsess about the amount of time left and despise the instructor.  I cannot help the last part of that.  I really get annoyed with her and her music selection.  I am hoping to catch her and mention that perhaps she could update her playlist and leave the country tunes out of it.  I want to be more assertive with my suggestions.  Direct and purposeful.
Today, the instructor is all over the place with her flow.  It's great as I never know what to expect.  Lots of balance, warrior poses or twists.  Her music is fine and she adjusts people which I also respect.  I want to improve my practice not just remain stagnant.  I love that she adjusts people.  Lately, there have been many new faces at the studio.  New year's resolutions?  Gotta be.  Anyways, it is in their best interest to be adjusted and shown how to do the pose.  They will advance in the practice and maybe, make a healthy lifestyle change.  That is what I am discovering this go around.  I want to go to yoga.  I am seriously considering upgrading to an unlimited package to continue the practice without feeling like I am being overcharged.  Although, last time, in Denver, when I had a monthly option, I got fed up with the studio's lack of regard for its full-time followers.  Meaning, I tired of fighting for mat space.  They wouldn't cap the class size and practicing yoga with 70+ other people grew tiresome.  I have space issues, I suppose.  And, paying $120 a month to be frustrated with the class size did not ease up.  Eventually, I canceled my membership to pursue other studios.
I am a little concerned with what a monthly membership will be in Phoenix.  More of the same--class size issues, boredom, even the drive to and from the studio.  I looked into one of their other locations that would be closer to my house.  However, that studio doesn't offer the vinyasa flow classes.  Only the bikram style that I do not love or seek out.  I must consider all factors before committing to a monthly membership.  I don't want to foolishly engage in a financial commitment that forces me to pay $30 a class for my lack of attending classes.
I do have time and options.  And, the challenge continues.  Day 13 today.  Cannot wait to see what Molli has in store for us.  Til then, namaste`

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