Thursday, January 10, 2013

Current thoughts

Happy Thursday!  Although, I haven't physically been scheduled to work since Sunday, I have made a daily appearance since then.  Scheduling, orders and a meeting kept me in the loop.  Yoga has kept me centered and I did receive a full body massage on Tuesday.  My studio contacted me about my feelings regarding their studio.  Initially, I thought about recounting the experience.  How I was frustrated with the 69 minute massage instead of 80.  Before I hit send, I reconsidered.  I should have addressed it at the studio.  It would have been uncomfortable, for me, and for the therapist involved.  Yet, it wasn't the first time a massage has been cut short.  Typically, five minutes.  Still, those are five minutes that I am paying for and so yes, I believe, I deserve those five minutes.
Regardless, I didn't hit send. I knew that they would, most likely, take it out on my therapist.  I like her and would prefer having her as my therapist for the remainder of my stockpiled massages.  I just won't make the mistake of upgrading to another 80 minute massage.  I do think, it is in their practice, to shorten massages.  As noted, I have been jipped five minutes on other occasions.  Not with other studios or therapists--just this one.  I asked my aunt about it, once, as she is a massage therapist.  She said, that, yes, sometimes, it does happen.  It enables a little more time to collect your things and have the therapist clean the space for the next client.  Eleven minutes seems excessive to me.
I think about how it is much easier to handle the situation when it is occurring. Maybe they have an alternate reason for why they cut massages short.  If it happens, again, I will ask in the moment.  It feels easier to hide behind a computer generated message.  I do like Brittney and I don't want to find yet another therapist in their studio.
Outside of that, I am calm.  Peaceful, even.  The work meeting went well and then I had drinks with Justin.  We visited some bartenders that frequent our place.  I got the tail end of the KU game.  What a great game. I watched it, knowing, that momentum had changed with the beginning of overtime.  Exciting!
I drove home and found my new glasses had arrived. I need to choose which frame suits me best.  I hope to get Jan's opinion on that, too.  I selected five frames and hope to make a decision by the weekend.  I need new glasses.  My prescription ends in February.  Of course, I could buy new glasses in Denver.  I always love spontaneous trips home.  However, I am committed to the yoga challenge which will render me unable to travel til February 5th.
Til then, namaste~

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