Thursday, January 3, 2013


I wore my glasses to yoga yesterday.  For a couple of reasons.  I was dehydrated and foresaw my right contact giving me grief.  Typically, when I am in that state of dehydration, my contact rolls behind my eye.  It's annoying and the drive home is challenging.  Basically, I am unable to see.
The other reason was to ensure that I wouldn't be so critical with how I look while doing the positions.  It's hard not to compare yourself to others when surrounded by mirrors.  It's reassuring to look at the person in front, beside of behind you to see if you are, in fact, attempting, the correct posture.  In yoga, they tell you to not judge anyone or compare yourself to others.  The main objective is to focus on breathing.
Anyways, I couldn't see to compare myself to others.  I could barely see myself in the mirror in front of me.  I saw shapes and forms.  That is all.  It brought about a touch of peace.  Midway through the class, after numerous salutations and chatarangas, we moved onto the balancing sequence.  We set up for the handstand prep and the instructor came behind me and said, "Harmony, today, is your day, to do the handstand."
She assisted me and upside down I went.  I started sweating bullets, seriously, as I was in a position that I normally do not attempt.  I thought, at one point, that I might falter and do a face plant.  That would be a wonderful way to begin 2013.
I didn't fall and afterwards, I felt, incredible.  I finished the class and grabbed my belongings to head out.  The instructor approached me and wanted to make sure that it was okay that she pushed me to the next level of the practice.  She started with, "I've been thinking about you all week and how you should be doing the handstand.  Is it okay that I made you my handstand guinea pig?"
I told her that I was interested in improving my practice.  I plan on doing the 30 day challenge and know that, as a result, I will be doing the handstand in a few weeks if not sooner.  I am stoked.
I have always enjoyed yoga.  I found the spiritual side of it while living in Arizona the first time.  I embraced the physical practice in Denver.  This year, I want to incorporate more fully into my life.  I can hike, run, cycle and practice yoga at the same time.  I should do all of those activities in addition to yoga.  I think it would keep me centered, focused, healthy.
The 30 day challenge begins Saturday.  Due to my schedule, I won't be starting it til Monday. I wish this studio offered an either 6 a.m. Saturday class or a 5:30 pm class on the weekends.  That would be ideal.
I guess this is my first resolution of 2013--to achieve the handstand in yoga.  I will do it and my practice will be enhanced as a result.
Outside of that one, I want to be kind and decrease my road ragey attitude.  I am in full gear while driving the streets of Phoenix.  I suppose i get frustrated with inattentive drivers and I feel it is okay to let them know.  I get too worked up, though.  Yoga helps me relax.  Full circle to how beneficial yoga is for me.
I will achieve the handstand within 30 days.  Other resolutions will follow when I decide.  Til then, enjoy your day.

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