Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day #2

30 day (or 28 day, in my case) has begun.  I worked, all weekend, and lamented that the studio did not have 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. classes available.  Yet, I knew, I still had the option of beginning the challenge on Monday.  I had prearranged a hiking date.  I was offered another hiking option, too.  I considered skipping the hike and focusing on the yoga challenge.  Still, I woke up and drove over to my friend's house.  I had no idea if he was still interested in the hike or not.  I knew that he liked watching football which included day drinking, possibly, night drinking.  Instead of texting him and finding out that he was out, I drove over.
Yes, he had had a long day of drinking.  There is a distinct smell of whiskey that lingers.  I didn't want to comment on it, but, wow, I was a little overwhelmed while driving to the trailhead.
The hike was challenging.  We both were feeling the effects of our lack of training and his Sunday activities.  We made it to the top and I felt amazing.  The hike down was easy and after I dropped him off at his car,I headed to the yoga studio.  A little unprepared as I had failed to wash my yoga towel and my pants were bothering me, too.  The instructor demanded attention and I braced myself for whatever he dished out for the next 60 minutes.  Yes, there was a stretch of time where I wanted to curl up and die.  Not going to lie.  I felt a charlie horse in my foot and later in my hips.  It was terrible.  I lamented my lack of hydration and tried to breathe through it.  I silently began cursing the guy too.  Like, wtf, dude....let's move on to the next pose.
I bought some wine for my afternoon meetup and took a much needed nap.  The siesta was glorious.  Kristina picked me and we headed to Chandler.  Our friend, Danny, and her fiancee just relocated to that area of town and we had been invited over for dinner.  Very sweet of her to host us.
We started with cava, followed by a petite petit blend and finally, a cotes du rhone blend.  She had crostini with salami, brie and hummos.  She had purchased a crock pot, recently, to make us one of her favorite stews.  She called her dad and asked for the recipe.  What he failed to tell her was that the stew took 10 hours to cook on low heat.  Well, she didn't have 10 hours and so she increased the heat and hoped for the best.  Honestly, it was tasty and hearty.  Reminded me of midwest meals and it was a nice change.
We watched a movie and had a truly, lovely evening.  I slept incredibly well and woke up with the knowledge that I would be heading to yoga to complete day 2 of my challenge.  I might get a massage too.  I don't know.  I am lazy today and I want to work on my health and wellness.  My co-workers continue to pass sickness around and so I want to be as healthy as possible.
Onward to yoga and the beginnings of a beautiful Tuesday~

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