Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday

Sending love, joy and peace out today.  Happy Sunday!
Mostly, as I have a day off and I intend to celebrate life.  I will start with my 21st consecutive yoga class.  Yes, 21st day in a row.  I feel fantastic.  No more cold and I feel bendy.  I really must decide what it the best option for me after my package is used up.  Do I seek out the unlimited package or purchase another 50 class option?  I want to continue the practice of yoga on a daily basis or to some degree of it.
After yoga, I hope to enjoy a typical Sunday as a civilian.  I do not work today (eureka!).  I want to go to brunch or have a leisurely lunch.  I prepared by mentioning it to my hiking friend.  He, too, enjoys wine and so if I could meet him post-class that would be excellent.  Which place though?
There is a new eatery that I would love to check out.  The downside is that it is only open at night.  I prefer day drinking.  Or, there is a place in Carefree that I have been hoping to check out.  The drive, though, in that case is the limiting factor.  My class goes until 1 pm.  A post yoga shower is mandatory and then the drive up north eats time as well.  Maybe I should reconsider my sunday funday options.
All, I know, for certain, is that I am not working today.  I am going to enjoy today fully.  I love this photo, too. It was one of my favorite spots on my around the world adventure.  Isla de Corazon.  Enjoy!

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