Tuesday, December 10, 2013

current thoughts

I am arranging a trip in January.  Either staycation, here or head to Denver, San Diego or Santa Fe.  I am considering the staycation option as it will be a little warmer here than in Denver or Santa Fe.  I can drive up to Sedona or explore some other place in Arizona.  Mostly, I want a few days off from work to be free.  Two days off in a row where I can venture elsewhere.
I know that Las Vegas trip will happen in February.  I thought about working Thursday morning and then heading out to meet Shari.  I believed it would provide a way to not feel bad for asking off more time from work.  Then, I realized how foolish that would be.  I don't want to appease other people.  I want to enjoy my life and a large part of that happiness occurs when I am traveling.  I remember when I chose to try this new job.  Many friends remarked that the lack of travel would kill me.  They are right!
I am attempting to rectify that.  To balance options and make it work for me.  I am enjoying the new job--cultivating relationships, meeting more people in the industry and my arms are finally looking sculpted. I can do an adequate push up (another bonus of retail work).  I jest.
The main concern I have is the lack of travel.  I must find a way to make it work and continue to work in this industry. I know there is much more to learn and I am committed to doing it.
In the meantime, I will read, do yoga, travel (as much as I can) and blog.  A friend of mine suggested that I continue this the other night when I was venting my crazy of the current state.  I was expressing to him my unhappiness with not being able to travel and he told me that I should write.  I agree.  And, I will write about traveling and in that regard, I must do it. I cannot worry about money or work.  I feel these things will always be in my life.
Til then, I will contemplate peace, celebration and my next trip.  Staycation or trip elsewhere.  I am going to do it next month!  I know it is going to happen.

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