Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hair cut and other random encounters....

A few weeks ago, this guy, stopped me at my retail job. I thought the question would be related to beer or wine (hopefully)...instead it was this---Is all of your hair the same length?
I was taken aback.  Not at all what I was anticipating.  I almost stuttered my response.  Yessss, it is.  He hands me a business card and explains that he is looking for models to cut hair.
I have been considering having my hair cut and so it sort of worked into a manifestation.  Recently, I frequent a salon in Tempe that is great. However, I spend $65 for two inches to be cut off.  Yes, my girl styles my hair and she does a good job.  It just feels steep for two inches to be subtracted from my mane of hair.
I called the guy and set up an appointment.  During our brief exchange, he mentioned that he would not be cutting layers to my hair as he didn't know how to do that yet.  At that point, I realized that the hair cut would most likely be a trim. I wasn't prepared to have my hair jacked up and then spend more money to fix any mistake.
I arrived a few minutes early and checked in.  I thought that the appointment would start at 9:15 as arranged.  I sat there for 15 minutes and started to get anxious.  I was thinking of the rest of my day and what I had intended to do prior to work.  Finally, after I inquired about the stylist, he shows up with his instructor.  He asks me what I would like to have done and make suggestions.  His instructor agrees with the assessment and off we go.  She had recommended cutting bangs to further accentuate my face. I was like--no freaking way.  I know that I came across as low maintenance and even hesitant about going through with the treatment.  I was absorbed with time and thinking more of the cut as an obligation not something that I truly wanted.
In all fairness, he did a good job, was professional and kind.  His instructor checked each section before he proceeded and she taught him how to do layers on my hair.  It was getting later and his instructor was in high demand.  There were other apprentices that needed guidance and assurance that they were styling hair in the correct technique.
Due to this, she cut the other side of layers and finished up my hair.  He watched and noted that he had other clients coming in and that I was in a time crunch to leave.  I had mentioned that I had work soon and that I was hoping it could speed up.
I was disappointed that they didn't style my hair.  They let me leave after the cut was complete.  I get it to some degree.  I said, I like to shower and go, that I rarely, ever, blow dry my hair, that I was low maintenance.  But, the style is part of the experience and I was disappointed that I didn't get the full treatment.  Of course, I tipped and I pulled my hair back into a pony tail the minute I left.
I stopped by a market to pick up soup.  There wasn't anything that looked inspiring and so I chose a sandwich.  Being in a hurry and instead of taking a deep breath and noticing a few I didn't need to return to Tempe to pick up my bag for work as it was already in my car.  Instead, I am rushing around and pick up a pre-made turkey sandwich.  I get home and realize that the sandwich has american cheese which I loathe and think, I should have relaxed and gotten my hair blown out/styled and shown up to work refreshed.
I change out a few displays, work on my biceps/triceps and approach customers.  The guys on my team are talking and I notice a guy that may or may not have been helped.  I ask him, have you been helped?
He looks at me and goes--no...I don't mean to stare, you are just so attractive.
What?  I know that I turned like 30 shades of red and I say--thank you, I guess, and walk away.  Later, I was paged to help me out of a talkative customer that kept following me around.  At first, I enjoyed the conversation.  Interesting guy, wanted to road trip to NYC and had a natural vibe.  Then, he just got weird and wouldn't stop.  I tried on a couple different occasions to make a clean break without offending him.  Somehow, he managed to continue the conversation until I was paged which was awesome.
I think there is a full moon or perhaps the 13th is already enchanting people.
I skipped yoga today as I want a flow class and that cannot happen today.  I work, early, and have happy hour plans with a friend from Denver.  It's dangerous to meet with her as we both miss the city, dearly, and talk about it.  We compare/contrast the differences between here and there and I always leave sad.
I am off to greet the day.  I am curious to see how this day will pan out....

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