Wednesday, December 18, 2013

yoga, vision boards and other ways to "reset"....

I think I've heard the Hawaiian Christmas song 20 times in the last six days...I am over it.  It's one of those things that annoy me while working.
I have ample time to reflect, consider, analyze while working it seems.  I get bored and then I obsess over decisions I have made to get to this point.  I obsess or try to zone out into music.  That is challenging as in the spirit of the holidays, most places are playing christmas music.  For me, it becomes a bit much and I ready to return to more current music selections.
Speaking of music, I am going to check out a new yoga studio today.  I know the instructor from attending other classes she teaches and also practicing alongside her at times too.  She has a great flow and great selection of music.  Previously, I purchased a 50 class package at my normal studio.  I like the vibe of the place, the owner is kind and every instructor is welcoming/approachable.  The only downside is the class selection.  They offer classes that are a mix of bikram/flow.  I am a "flow" girl and they do not offer enough of those classes.  There is a noon class offered daily which I would attend regularly.  That is, until, I took the real job.  Now, I am lucky to attend my preferred class once a week.
I have the opportunity to attend one of their other studios and check out that vibe.  I know there are more flow classes available at that location.  The downside of that studio is that it is north of where I live and I don't want to grow attached to driving more.
When I lived in Denver, I drove four-six miles, round trip, on a daily basis.  It is crazy that I put at least 1200 miles on my car monthly.  What happened to the days of simplicity? I could walk to and from work.  I do miss that aspect of living in Denver greatly.
In the spirit of the new year, I opted to revise my current vision board.  My last one was focused on running, health and getting fit.  After randomly choosing photos/words that inspire me now, I saw an emerging theme.  Still centered on being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, I am drawn to locations.  I am inspired by wine country (a few photos of wine glasses, Paso Robles), chiles (Santa Fe), rocky mountains (I do love Denver).  In addition, yoga and being happy.  I guess that is what I am identifying with, most, as I conclude 2013.  I choose to be happy in every aspect of my life.  Even if that means I am disappointing my dad as he would prefer that I live in a more stable environment.
I know this is a lesson and one that I wanted.  I must see where it leads and how to make sense of it.  The vision board soothed me.  My ideals have not altered while pursuing stability.  I still yearn for more travel and wonder how to make it happen.
I view every day as an opportunity to grow, adapt and find my calling.  Maybe it will happen today.  A special happy birthday to my little sister, Jasmin.  Finally entering the 30's and still so much available for her to discover.

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