Wednesday, December 25, 2013

reason for car side assistance

Car insurance...both things that are necessary even if, at times, they seem ridiculous.  Many times, I have scoffed at my car insurance.  No lie.  I have wondered what, exactly, this service provides.
My car is an antique.  I love Veronica.  She is solid, a tank, my savior.  Men stop me, repeatedly, in admiration of my volvo.  Regardless of the condition...they recognize the rarity of the model.  It is a wonderful car.
So, today, I drive to the west valley after spending the beginning of the day with friends in the northeast valley.  We toast life, drink bubbles and bid adieu.  I head west and when I arrive with a a few bottles of wine to accommodate everyone, I break my key in the door.  WTF?
Seriously...Crap!  F^&K!!!  I am f#*ked.  What is the best option?  My one friend suggests a lock smith.  I know that I will be taken advantage of as it is xmas and so I hope to avoid that option.  My other friend mentions that I can stay with her and her boyfriend.  I think of what is in my car--glasses, ipod, contact solution and I am sad. I have everything that I would need to stay at her house but no way to access any of those items.  F^&K!!!!
I mull it over and realize that I must be an adult.  Staying at my friends' house is not an option.  Yes, a temporary solution but not a result. I would be stranded, somewhere, relying on public transport or an acquaintance to get me from point a to b.
I call my road side assistance and am told that the guy will agree to making a key for $800.
Wow, really?  You think that is agreeable?  I was taken aback and horrified that someone would suggest it.  Perhaps you weren't interested in work today.
I get's a holiday, christmas (for F*^Ksake)  However, it's not like I planned to have a key malfunction.  Thankfully, they found another kind person willing to make me a key.  Awesome end to a shitty day.  Cleanse will be 2014, trip to Denver (january),  freedom.  I believe in my decisions and support the upcoming choices.  Cheers!

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