Saturday, December 21, 2013

Three year lessons...

I met a tarot reader in Melbourne, Australia.  I was hesitant to meet her.  There was a massage therapist, reflexologist, multiple vendors and tarot readers.  I approached the area, worrisome.  There was an old guy (out), lady with McDonald's (obviously, not a viable option) and one other lady.  Wearing turquoise, kind eyes, no fast food bags.
She read my cards in 2008 and told me that I would be on a different path in three years. I would want something new.  Ironically, in 2011, I did venture out of Denver (as she predicted) and stayed within the comfort of my chosen profession.  She said a few other things that did not resonate at that point. I felt that, for the most part, she was spot on.  I took from that reading what was necessary for my life.
Three years later, and again, I question my choices.  What would happen if I wanted to open my own place?  What is the limitation?  Hesitation?  Freak out point?  I guess I am now considering what is stopping me from truly taking a risk, this risk.  Of course, it would limit my travel options which always scares me.  However, I am almost convinced that it is something that I would like to do.
I went to a new place in Phoenix the other night. I know the chef and bar manager.  The space was fantastic...well lit, great vibe, fun.  Food, okay.  Not great.  One of the dishes was super salty and some sand to accompany the scallops.  A bit much considering.  We ordered a sammie that seemed unreal.  Sausage octopus and it severely lacked.  Dripping in mayo, bland bread and some protein...I wasn't in love the concoction.  Yes, I did manage to be constructive about the disaster.  Octopus sausage still appetizing.  The chopped salad was the most balanced, fresh and inspiring dish.  Hearts of palm, parsley, onion, pine nuts were a few of the core ingredients.  I did enjoy the salad.  I will return as it has only been open for a month.  I believe it will work out the kinks and be a destination for foodies in Phoenix.
I have been meaning to get to the post office before work and I have not been successful.  Gifts this year will be arriving late.  This new schedule is making me a little crazy.  My days off, I act, like I still have a ton of flexibility.  For example, I went to yoga, had some wine, met a friend for happy hour and then retired to my house.  There was no real push to be anywhere but where I wanted to be.  Now, that I have a set schedule, I am concerned with maximizing my free time.  So, no, I didn't make it to the post office today and I will not make it until next week or after.
There are other things that I want to consider but I am running out of time before my day starts.  Til then, I dream of travel, a new city and yoga.  Cheers!

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