Saturday, December 14, 2013


I have a few days off next month (thankfully--I think I would have really gone crazy if I had not managed this) gives me something to look forward to.  I seem to really need that these days.  I suppose I make it sound worse to justify why I want to escape the current reality.  I know that I am fortunate to have this chance to seek a more stable industry.  I am meeting many many people that offer new opportunities for growth, education and travel (of course).  I am capitalizing on a connection made, recently, in July.  Cannot wait to run a half marathon and then wine taste in Napa.  Sure, it will be hot in July.  It won't be as bad as Phoenix and I am very aware of that fact.  July is brutal in the Valley.
Originally my plan was to go to Santa Fe with my friend Lisa.  She was going to work the market while I took a much needed break from the Valley.  I asked off from my job and was about to purchase plane tickets when she had to cancel.  I was sad since I really could use a trip and I adore Santa Fe. It wouldn't be that much of an expense for me since she would get the car and I would figure out accommodations. It was a quick trip, though.  She wanted to go for the day.  I (honestly) wanted three days.
At that point, I looked at my options.  Go to Santa Fe, solo.  I could fly to Albuquerque, rent a car & drive to Santa Fe, see my friend, Melody, and maybe Jenn from high school.  It would be great, rejuvenating and lovely.  I always have a great time in the land of enchantment.  The last few trips have been memorable.  I would have to return to Ojo Caliente, too.  There is always a chance of crappy weather and so as much as I wanted to go to Santa Fe, solo, I felt there might be a better fit elsewhere.
I could stay in Phoenix and head north to Sedona.  Day trip somewhere and enjoy the beauty of Arizona.  I suggested that to a friend and had hoped to make that happen.  There are many activities to enjoy in Phoenix and surrounding areas. It would be nice to see it through the eyes of a visitor and I am more than willing to be a tour guide.
However, I have been thinking a lot about Denver lately.  I looked at flights and they are more than reasonable.  It seems that I should head that direction for a few days to reset my priorities.  I am going to have to arrange a session at Izba.  It is a must do activity, for me, when in Denver.  Moreover, I miss my friends and the city itself.  Even it it snows, I can manage a visit to Denver.
I get conflicted with what is best compared to what is right for me.  Sure, stability is something that I should work towards.  I just don't know if it is a good fit for me. I thrive on flexibility and freedom.  I hear stories of people up and relocating to other countries and it sounds like true bliss.  I don't want to be handcuffed to anything.
I know that I will be doing something with those few days off.  Then, there is Vegas in February and maybe a trip to Santa Fe in March of April.  Opening Day in Denver is always excellent. I am so confused and inspired by the possibility of it all at the same time.  I am working towards a life full of travel.  In the meantime, I will enjoy my surroundings, yoga, cultivating relationships and life as it is for now.  Cheers!

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