Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday randomness

I am trying to convince myself that I am excited to go to work today.  I'm not.  Shocking, I know, and honest.  I would love to spend the day reading or lazy.  Not thinking about either job or obsessing about things that are out of my control.
Work is necessary and so I will greet the day shortly.  I've had dreams of stocking endless cases of wine and kissing co-workers.  Cute co-workers, age appropriate, but still, a co-worker which is a huge no-no.  Not that I haven't foolishly ventured down that path in my past.
This, to me, that I am thinking entirely too much about work and not enough on happiness or what makes me happy.  Today is a new day and opportunity to enjoy it. I must look at this job as what it can be or mean to me.  Possibility of something new and how to make it better from that perspective. I am meeting a bunch of people in the industry and that is fun and exciting.  I know that there are doors opening because of my decision. It's the waiting that is challenging and forcing me to reconsider what I really want.  I suppose if it was easy, I wouldn't want it either.
My landlord will be remodeling his home 2014 and so I will be looking for a new space to call home.  I got that news last night at dinner.  He did say he would give me ample notice which is nice.  I was a little surprised at the news still.  Perhaps another sign of change for me.
Until then, I will dream of future travel.

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