Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

2013 was about change.  Kind of a boring year, for me, reflection wise, and perhaps, that is due to the fact that I am still transitioning.  Figuring out my next journey.
I kicked off 2013 with a 30 day yoga challenge.  The first five days were rough.  The thought of doing another side plank terrified me.
Then, I wanted to do yoga.  Couldn't wait to get to another flow class.  I rearranged my work schedule to accommodate this crazy desire to complete the challenge.  Everything said and done, I completed 40 consecutive days and only stopped because my schedule wouldn't allow for it.  I was super bummed on that Saturday that I missed the class.
Shari and I had considered traveling to Tibet, Bali, or Chile to celebrate the 7 year anniversary of Brian's death.  After much thought, we chose Denver.  Why we didn't think about that, initially, still stuns me.  It made the most sense.  Brian was a chef and we wanted to honor his life in the most organic way.  Traveling to Tibet or Bali would meet the spiritual requirements but the food factor, zest for life, a couple of other things (wine) seriously lacked.  Denver was the most obvious choice and it did not disappoint.
 First, dinner at Solera with many of my friends--Goddess, Steve, Pocketsize, Goose.  Of course the anniversary fell on Denver's restaurant week which is always a nightmare for me to find a place to dine and order off of the menu.  I like the idea of restaurant week, I do, I just find it challenging to enjoy a quality experience being rushed in/out to accommodate everyone else that wants to dine at that particular spot to take advantage of the value oriented dining.  I choose to avoid it as much as I can.
 I digress.  Two of my friends/family.  These two ladies are keepers and my running partners at an upcoming half marathon in Napa in July.  Cheers to the Goddess & Sara Jo.
Shari and I had a lovely meal at Solera (as noted) and spent the anniversary dinner at Frasca.  Divine.  Never disappoints.  I felt fortunate to spend time at both places and Brian and I had eaten at both places.  It was nice to recreate a foodie experience with Shari.  I will go more into the food thing at another posting.
Anyways, so, 2013, started with yoga, celebrating Brian's death, running (a little) and trying to transition more into wine.  My boss, G, took me to Paso Robles for a beer fest.  Since we were in central coast wine country, he asked me, when I would be heading that direction to do wine?  Funny how he completely saw that coming, even if I didn't.
I spent a couple weekends in Paso with Sara Jo/Agnese, G, and then Shari.  It was lovely.  Each time I found a new reason to enjoy it.  Sara and I ran a half marathon in Santa Barbara. I hadn't been training and so the run sucked but it was a wonderful experience.  
Prior to that trip, I spent a few days in Denver and managed to attend Opening Day.  My first one.  I had had tickets in the past but never managed to actually make it to the game.  The festivities always thrilled me.
Beer Festival in May with G was pretty freaking awesome, too. We went wine tasting (obviously), checked out Pismo, ate mexican food and in general, had a good time.  
We returned to Phoenix and it was summer.  No more leaving the windows open it was hot.  I couldn't believe how much it had changed.  At any rate, I spent June in Phoenix and planned an adventure to Oregon in July.  It was lovely to see my sisters, visit Bend for the first time and take a much needed break from the heat.  At that point, I was thinking I was ready for a change. I wanted to get more into wine and an opportunity presented itself. 
I took a wine buying job in September. Thankfully, i had a trip to Paso Robles with Shari already planned out before I took it.  I had bought tickets to Santa Fe Wine & Chile, too.  I believed that I would complete those trips without incident.  I took the job and since then, my travel has decreased.  
Yoga remains a constant and the desire to travel remains.  I took a solo trip to Santa Fe in November and it was glorious.  Much needed.
Now, I enter 2014 with hope.  Hope that I made the right decision to pursue wine.  I am ready for the next venture.  I know this.  
2013 brought transition, change, and some adventure.  I felt my heart beat again and no, I do not say that lightly.  Yoga continues to inspire, motivate, change.  I am happy with the present and embrace tomorrow as a new day.  Happy 2014 to all.  Celebrate, enjoy & taste life, always~

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