Sunday, March 9, 2014

compromise for Palm Springs

I'm on the fence with whether or not I should go to Denver for Opening Day, Sara Jo's birthday or sometime in May.  So confused.
Mostly, my schedule changes from week to week which enables a lot of time to think, plan, reflect.  I like the freedom of it, I do.  However, it allows me too much time to consider traveling and I want to make it happen.  So more structure would reign in some of desire to go gallivanting off in the sunset.  Or it might not.
Yoga inspired me to consider a trip to Santa Fe to meet Sara.  Her birthday trip to Palm Springs is out but a trip a few weeks later could work. It's Spring Break during her birthday and many of her colleagues have already requested the time off.  Sara took the high road and sacrificed our trip to Palm Springs.
Santa Fe could work and I told her to make it happen.  I could take care of the accommodation factor and make it work from my end.  I think she is on board.  It's a quick trip to meet there for both of us and we can celebrate her birthday then.  We visited the city in 2003 or 2004.  I cannot remember which year.  We stayed at the Inn of the Governors during Fiesta Week.  The reason that sticks out is that the pool was closed which did not deter us from sneaking into the pool with wine.  Obviously we were boozy since we thought no one would notice the wine or glasses while we "hid' in the pool.  They politely asked off to leave the pool area.  About fifteen minutes later they contacted us to give us complimentary drinks at their bar.  Of course we obliged.
I want to return, anyways, to spend more time in the city.  I am never satisfied with my time there.  I always wish that I had arranged more.  Last weekend, we dined at several great spots and there were quite a few more that I had wanted to check out.  I must make it happen.  Plus, there is hiking, yoga studios, many things to check out.  Of course, we will have to go to Ojo Caliente so that Sara can experience that awesomeness.  I am excited!
In some ways, I am bummed that I will miss out on attending Opening Day in Denver or the upcoming beer festival.  I know it is an exciting time to be in that city and there will be so many people in the industry that I know.  There will be other opportunities to visit is what I am telling myself.
Tiffany and Dan are in town until Wednesday.  I hope to show them a few other restaurants before they return home.  As noted, the other night, we checked out a wine bar, asian fusion and established place in Tempe.  Tomorrow, we are going to enjoy some nebbiolo, pizza and northern Italian fare.  It will be lovely.
I must head into work to finance my upcoming ventures.  Enjoy your Sunday~

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