Friday, March 7, 2014

Full of interaction Thursday

Yesterday was full of meeting with people.  First the coffee at the previous job, yoga, wine tasting, happy hour, dinner and then home.  Of course, I enjoy swinging by the old job and running into co-workers.  I like the majority of them and so it is easy to stop in and say hello.  I like the coffee factor, too; although, the decision to take a hot coffee into my heated yoga class was poorly thought out.  Talk about overheating.
I sampled a few Arizona wines that were new to me.  Earlier in the week, I had told a Rep that I wine tasted on Tuesday afternoons.  She showed up for a 2:30 tasting and I had two other reps already waiting to see me.  I felt awful about it and asked to reschedule.  Thankfully she was understanding.  Since I was meeting with her, I arranged a later appointment which was delicious. Gorgeous sparkling rose to begin, followed by a chardonnay, two bordeaux blends and a full bodied Napa cab to finish.  Glorious.  Definitely not a spit day.
I met a friend for happy hour at one of her accounts.  They offer several of her wines by the glass and so we enjoyed a glass of malbec before I met my dinner date.  Happy hour was fun and my friend is always entertaining.  However, at times, she is self-absorbed.  For instance, yesterday, I returned from the bathroom and managed to roll my ankle, drop my phone and when I told her about it, she didn't respond.  At which point, I said, well, I guess I am talking to myself....still no response.
Finally, she comes back to the conversation and still makes no effort to comment on what had happened.  She was preoccupied with texting and absorbed by it.  I sat there, in silence, and was getting annoyed.  Seriously.  Then, she goes--are you okay?  I'm sorry....
That is why sometimes (most times) phones should not be allowed when you are out in public.  They distract from the conversation at hand.  At any rate, I knew I was running late to meet my friend for dinner and I was annoyed by her desire to text.  We concluded the happy hour and I hurried to the next stop.
For the first time, ever, I arrived before he did. I sat at one of the remaining bar stools and waited.  I considered ordering a glass of wine but thought better of it.  I didn't know if he would want to share a bottle, have a glass or choose beer.  We met at a beer driven place.  They do have wine options but nothing was standing out.  Justin arrived 15 minutes later.  Traffic.
We ordered a few appetizers and caught up on our respective lives.  He's a great guy and we have dined together several times as we both have a love for food.  He's adventurous and willing to meet me at new places on a regular basis.
After a few beers and a few appetizers we conclude the night.  I look up and see two people that I work with.  They come over, meet Justin and say--I texted you to say that we saw you.  Since my phone was in my purse, I was focusing on the conversation at hand.
I arrive home and check my social media.  Lame, but it happens.  I saw that my sister's first dog had died. Kya was this hyper, spastic, fiercely loyal terrier.  The first dog that I watched while they would vacation.  I think they brought her home in 1997.  She was a great dog.
I commented on Jeremy's post and know that it goes against most of what I believe in.  It seemed easier, more convenient, to reach out that way than to try and call to express my sadness.  I had had a few beers and some wine.  I preferred the easy way out.
I do see a need for communicating via text, social media, etc.  I am guilty of texting while meeting people for happy hour, too.  I just try not to focus on my phone and make the time to enjoy the human interaction.  I'll get off of my soap box.  Yesterday was fantastic and I am thankful for the delicious wines I sampled.  Today is a new day and I am hopeful for the endless prospects it brings.  Yoga, coffee, seeing old friends from Denver and maybe a little work.  Life is grand~

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