Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Throwback (almost) Thursday

Me. Brian.  Ferry to the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, 2004.  It was hot/humid and we had just left a shiity port city to explore Paradise.  Seriously, dirty, grimy, gritty.  We stopped at a pub to slam a beer and use the facility.  If memory serves correctly, there was a hole in the floor to do your business.
It was Brian's first time seeing the ocean.  Incredible to see his eyes light up and know that that would also be a memory for me, too.  We spent a little over a week in Costa Rica.  Montezuma was our first stop.  Delightful hippie town with a beautiful waterfall to hike too.  When we arrived at the destination, no one was in the water.  We were shocked since it was inviting and beautiful.  We asked why people were not enjoying the waterfalls and this guy explained that about 10 minutes ago a large yellow snake had entered the water from the top.  Brian looked at me and said, I'm going coming?
Of course, I obliged.  If he felt secure with battling a 6 ft snake (according to the locals) I knew I would be safe.
We headed up north to the more resort driven coast.  One night in Tamarindo.  We found a cabina for $8 a night.  It was noisy with french tourists who had little regard for the fact that I was dogsick that night.  They played music all night while I complained of heat stroke, dehydration, misery.
The next morning, we got up, early, 5 am, and I made lots of noise to return the favor.  We drove to Manual Antonio and had a wonderful excursion.  I recovered from my dehydration by eating cuttle fish on the beach.  We swam, toured the rain forest, saw a ton of monkeys, sloths, birds.  We finished our Costa Rican Adventure in Hermosa, near Jaco, where Brian tried to surf.  I sat on the beach and watched him try to surf at the beach the locals told us to avoid.  There was a strong current, choppy waves and it would be challenging for a novice to get up and surf.  Brian was determined to do it.  Intent to conquer the wave.
I was fortunate to spend several trips with him and we had many many more planned.
I miss him more than I can express.  I celebrate his spirit, honor his love of food and enjoy trips with his mom, annually to remember this incredible man that I was fortunate to meet and love.
We celebrated in Santa Fe last week.  The Thursday meal with Melody and David was in true Brian fashion.  Full of great conversation, wine and laughter.  Have a wonderful day.  Create a memory~

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