Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The upcoming week

Dinner with friends...always a treat.  I had a blast in Santa Fe.  Spa, dinner, was fantastic.  I returned to Phoenix and went to one of my normal studios that I frequent.  I had expectations of having an epic class since my experience in SF was mediocre at best.
So high expectations led to disappointment.  The music was terrible.  Making me crazy and the flow was okay.  I'm sure it was great but for me, I was bummed that the music was lacking.  I just couldn't shake that feeling and so I struggled to remain in the class.
Afterwards, I wine tasted.  It is a fun Tuesday tradition.  I was "good" as I had a wine dinner to attend and didn't relish the thought of showing up boozy and annoying.  I wanted to network and remain interesting.  I was seated with my rep that invited me and some other guests.  The meal, itself, was delicious.  We had foie, squab, sturgeon and steak.  My favorite course was the squab.  Espresso sauce, squab and mushroom.  Delicious.  The wine pairings were spot on, too.  I knew a few of the servers working the event and so I was given additional wine.  Loved that aspect of it, too.
I'm going to attend a different yoga class today.  The instructor has a dance background and so her music is always appropriate to her flow.  Plus, she changes the flow up and always challenges me.  Lots of inversions, balance, great pace.  I rarely am able to attend her class since she teaches mostly in the afternoon.  I am more of an early morning workout type of person.  Today will be the exception.
I have more friends visiting this weekend and look forward to spending time with them, too.  I might be able to attend a few baseball games between jobs.  There is always next week, too.
Hiking will be postponed til next week unless I can convince Brandon or Mini me to go tomorrow, early.  Mini has school and an internship and Brandon's schedule has changed which allows a hike after 10 am.  Parking becomes an issue and heat.  I do not enjoy hiking Echo Canyon when it is 80+ degrees.
Life is grand.  I have more wine tasting today, tomorrow and Friday.  I am considering a trip to Denver or elsewhere in the next few weeks.  I must return to my carefree livelihood.  It is liberating, for sure.
Until then, yoga will motivate my practice.

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